The Best Ways to Style Spring Dresses and Skirts

The Best Ways to Style Seasonal Dresses and Skirts for this Spring

It's almost time to ditch the tights and feel the breeze on our bare legs. We're so excited about this that we're already planning how to style skirts and dresses for the upcoming spring season.

Find your favorite way to style skirts and women's dresses this season. You can make the transition from cold to warm even smoother with these top styling tips.


Waist belts are a glorious addition to any woman's wardrobe. These versatile accessories can be styled with myriad outfits, but we love them best with skirts and dresses. Warmer weather welcomes looser fitting and flowing skirts, which contrast beautifully with the slenderness of a cinched waist. Maxi dresses are incredibly easy to style in this way. Slip on your springtime maxi dress and simply put a thin leather belt around your waist. This creates an elegant hourglass effect that balances the drapes of the dress with some structure around the middle. Wear with some cute flats, booties, or even sneakers and throw a women's cardigan sweater or light jacket on top in case of cooler temperatures.

Styling a skirt with a belt offers a little more wiggle room for creativity and personal expression. We suggest a loose and flowing midi skirt. This contrast between the flowing dress and accentuated waist looks amazing. Channel a classic Western-style and pair it with leather boots and a leather jacket, or keep it simple with a pair of cute sandals or wedges. If the weather fares a little cooler, then wear a tucked-in turtleneck for a super glamorous look that reminds us of Audrey Hepburn. If it's warmer weather, choose to tuck in a tank top or wear your favorite breezy t-shirt. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a loose fitted cropped top sweater over your flowing belted skirt. Your options are endless with a belt, so get creative and find which looks feel best for you.

Denim & Leather

Spring skirts and dresses are lightweight and perfect for the season, but it's important to know that winter might take its time leaving. Not just as a stylish look but also for comfort, finding the perfect heavier jacket for springtime dresses is crucial. Our favorite materials for springtime toppers are denim and leather. These materials are tough, warm, edgy, and fabulously trendy.

Give your spring skirts and dresses some extra warmth and attitude with either a leather or denim jacket up top. If you love vintage shopping, then this is your time to shine! Check out some vintage or second-hand shops for some stylish steals in the denim and leather departments. If you choose to not purchase leather for ethical reasons, no problem! Many companies are now fashioning plant-based leathers. That might sound wild, but they will look perfectly chic over your playful spring dresses.


A good pair of boots is an awesome way to use your footwear to help you transition your wardrobe from winter into spring. The boots are a subtle yet stylish reminder that the hot weather hasn't arrived just yet, but your dress or skirt is letting everyone know that we're almost there. The perfect way to style a fit and flare dress this season is with a stellar pair of boots. Slip on some knee-high or calf-high leather boots, and you'll feel like enough skin is covered between the dress and boots to justify leaving your tights at home.

Other Seasonal Favorites

Shirt dresses are trendy, comfortable, versatile, and so easy to style. If you're still feeling the chill of winter but would prefer not to return to tights, then wear a shirt dress over cropped leggings with some booties for an effortlessly chic look. You don't have to say goodbye to your winter skirts yet! Wear that pencil skirt into the spring by pairing it with other more summery pieces. For example, you could style it with a breezy t-shirt and casual flats. Or, if the weather is still relatively cool, wear your skirt with a turtleneck and ankle booties. Go ahead and skip the tights as a reminder that spring has arrived!

Get creative and explore some of these styling favorites for how to best wear your favorite seasonal skirts and dresses this spring.


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