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The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

The world would be pretty boring if everybody looked the same, right? This makes us grateful that there are many different body types. From petite to tall, plus size to big and tall, everybody has unique sizing needs—especially when it comes to swimsuits. When beach season returns, there is plenty of anticipation in the air, both good and bad. Not only are people keen on sporting the next swimsuit trend, but there can also be some level of anxiety when it comes to picking the right swimsuit.

After all, a style that one person loves may not bring out another person's confidence in the same way. This is why finding the right swimsuit style and function is a great starting point to finding "the one" that brings out your full confidence. By following general guidelines about functional swimsuit styling, you can start exploring which swimsuits work the best for you.

Not Much Time to Shop? Default to Classic Styles

Is it possible that there's a swimsuit style for everyone? If you take a look at our selection of one-piece swimsuits, we think yes. One-piece swimsuits come in a variety of sizes, such as petite for people who are under 5 ft 4 and have short torsos. There is also a "regular" sizing for people within a standard height range and then tall for people above 5 ft 6 with longer torsos.

One-piece swimsuits are universally flattering because they do a great job at shaping every body type. Whether you need tummy control or something that smooths out all your curves, a supportive one-piece does the job. It's also excellent for people with smaller frames and busts. One-pieces with supportive bust inserts can provide more curves. Meanwhile, our underwire swimsuits can keep full busts in place so you can be active with confidence.

For the guys, we suggest men's swim trunks as the fail-safe option. You may wear this alone or pair it with a swim shirt for excellent UV protection. All our rash guards are made with UPF 50 materials, which block out 98% of the UVA and UVB rays. Using these pieces together provides enough coverage for anyone who wants more modesty on the beach. A stylish rash guard can also be worn over a one-piece swimsuit for extra UV protection.

For Active Bodies

If you plan to play a lot of sports on the beach like frisbee and volleyball, you need a swimsuit that's not going to move around as much as you do. It's important to find swimsuits that stay in place and offer plenty of support, such as a high-neck tankini and a pair of swim shorts.

You may also find more freedom of movement by wearing a two-piece alone—just make sure that you feel comfortable being active in it. Full coverage bottoms and tops with supportive underwire can make a big difference for any person whose hobbies are athletic.

You can find these styles of supportive swimwear in a wide range of sizes and height brackets. Whether you are a petite, plus-size person or a tall and slender person, there are many options for you to choose from. By embracing what your body can do and wearing a swimsuit that maximizes your potential, you will have a wonderful time by the water.

For Lounging Bodies

Even active people aren't always in the mood to move around. When you want to have a relaxing day by the water, you have practically every option under the sun. Whether you want to don a flirty bikini or a full coverage swim dress, you can find it here! As you soak up some rays and enjoy a new book, you will feel comfortable in the skin you're in because you chose a swimsuit that makes you feel good.

By choosing swimsuits made out of high-quality UPF 50 materials, you can be confident that you're getting maximum sun protection and durability from your purchase. Instead of having many cheap swimsuits that will fade or pill after a couple of uses, invest in high-quality, timeless styles that provide an excellent fit. Mixing and matching separates can make your lounging swimsuit set last much longer.

For example, you may want to match high-waisted bikini bottoms while doing so.

No matter what your body type is, you can find the style that you love in your size. By trying on different looks, you will find out what swimsuit speaks to you and helps you reach your goals. Whether you want to lounge or be active, there are plenty of options for you.


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