The Best Sweaters for Winter

The Best Sweaters for Winter

‘Tis the season for sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. When it comes to cold weather, bundling up and staying toasty at all times becomes a top priority. Whether you are inside or outside, wearing comfortable, warm clothing is one guaranteed way to make it through a cold and dreary season.

If you have noticed your sweater selection is looking a little sparse, why not invest in some new pieces? Indeed, something as simple as treating yourself to a few new high-quality sweaters can instantly brighten your mood and prove to be a worthwhile investment. Not sure which sweaters are right for you? Here are a few of the best women’s sweaters to wear this winter.

The Chenille Sweater

Chenille is the top of textiles. Its silky smooth material makes you feel like you are slipping into a warm bath. It’s the type of sweater material you want to wear when the style is a priority, but comfort is paramount. If you are having a bad day or feeling a little under the weather but you still have to go to work and do all the things on your agenda, opt to wear a chenille sweater. It provides the sort of coziness needed to get you through a long hard day and make things just a little better. Chenille comes in all different sweater varieties including turtlenecks, crew neck sweaters, and open cardigans. Dare we say it? It’s not a bad idea to get one of each. Looking good and feeling good at the same time is not impossible when you find the right chenille sweater for you.

The Shawl Cardigan Sweater

Picture this: You are on a weekend winter getaway with your sweetie. No work or kids or errands to distract you. You’re in a cabin in the mountains surrounded by snowy forestry. Regardless of this beautiful scenery, you enjoy it from the comfort of your chair as you peer out the window. You sit by an open, crackling fire. With a warm mug of cocoa or tea in one hand and a good book in the other, you are curled up on the sofa in a chunky knit blanket. If the goal is to get as toasty and comfy as possible, you are definitely going to need clothing that will contribute to your comfort.

That is where the shawl cardigan sweater comes into play. When you wrap yourself up in one of these toasty wardrobe stables, you are not going to be getting off that couch anytime soon. No bother. You are on vacation. Call it the “vacation sweater.” The button-up front allows you to wear it open to show off a cute top if it’s warm enough or keep it closed when you need to be bundled and warm. The soft cotton material makes it luxuriously cozy while the ribbed collar and cuffs give it an understated touch of elegance. But make no mistake about it: The shawl cardigan sweater is the ultimate cozy sweater. Think of it as wearing a fashionable blanket.

That Print Sweater That is Just Your Style

Although keeping you warm and comfortable is the primary function of a sweater, that isn’t all it’s good for. Sometimes a gal just wants a sweater that will give her a much-needed extra dose of confidence to take charge of the day. The key to finding such a sweater is making sure it’s in a style that fits your unique tastes. Fortunately, there is such a wide variety of print sweaters that come in different patterns, fits, styles, and colors so it is only a matter of time before you find the sweater that works for you. During the holiday season, you don’t want to be without one or two fabulously festive Christmas sweaters.

If you need a sweater for work, nothing says cozy and sharp like a women’s wool sweater or a women’s tunic sweater, perfect to wear layered with a black turtleneck over a pair of black straight leg trousers or blue jeans. And if you want to add a huge splash of color to your winter outfit, go for something polished and crisp like a multi-colored, thick striped tunic sweater over a pair of black leggings or blue skinny jeans.

As you embark on your quest to find the “perfect sweater,” just remember you are entering a world of endless style opportunities. There is a sweater style for every type of woman and every occasion. Spruce up your wardrobe by incorporating a few different styles and sweater staples like a cashmere sweater, a crew neck sweater, and a women's cardigan sweater. With a bit of variety, and a warm winter sweater or two, you’ll keep your winter wardrobe looking sharp and versatile.


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