The Best Sweaters for Late Summer

The Best Sweaters for Late Summer

Most of us never want summer to end, but there’s something magical to be said about those last few weeks of the season. Maybe it’s because we savor the beach days or because we maximize our time with as many pool parties and backyard BBQs as possible. Or, maybe, it’s because as we start to feel those first hints of crisp air, we realize that sweater weather is upon us. And that, of course, is a beautiful thing.

As the nights start to cool down and we start to transition to visions of the fall, you might be asking yourself which sweater is best for the last weeks or days of the summer season? Of course, you won’t want to go for anything too heavy — save your wool and turtlenecks for true sweater weather — but there are plenty of great, light summer sweaters to choose from.

A Summery Cardigan

When it comes to the final act of summer, a women’s cardigan sweater can be the perfect layer, especially as nights start to cool or for any summer days spent in the office, since these sweaters won’t take up too much room in your bag.

There are a ton of different cardigan sweaters to choose from, but for late summer, you’ll want to opt for a breezy one and made of a material like light knit cotton. Style-wise, try an airy open-front sweater or a classic button-up cardigan with quarter-length sleeves that you can leave open.

You can easily throw one of these over a summer dress, so you can easily go from a summer day to a summer night, or add it as a layer to your favorite warm-weather office look as added comfort as the AC stays at arctic levels.

A Classic Cotton Sweater

Women’s cotton sweaters are a great option for a late summer layer. Light enough to fit in your bag and keep you comfy without overheating, bring a light, cotton sweater with you if you have plans to dine indoors with AC, or even if you’re dining outdoors somewhere where it might get a bit breezy at night.

Rocking a few light cotton sweaters as summer winds down can also make it that much easier to transition your summer looks to fall and start to reorganize your closet. While a light cotton sweater can be worn with shorts or as an as-needed layer in late summer, they’re also an essential layer when it comes to fall outfits. Simply swap out your shorts for jeans and add a jacket layer once the weather starts to shift, and voila!

A Seasonal Tunic Sweater

The perfect late summer sweater will hit all of the marks — the right material, a comfortable length, and an airy fit — and women's tunic sweaters definitely check all of these summer-friendly boxes. For those slightly cooler August nights or an added layer when needed for errands or perhaps seeing a movie on a hot day, opt for a linen quarter-length sleeve tunic sweater paired with your favorite summer bottoms.

This hemline looks great with anything from airy wide-leg pants to high-waisted shorts. To keep it summery, choose a cheery color like pastel pink or lavender, and layer this over your favorite moisture-wicking tank or t-shirt so you can add and remove your sweater layer to stay comfortable throughout your day or evening.

A Cropped Open Knit Sweater

If you're looking for a cute, fun, and super practical sweater for summer, then a cropped open knit sweater is perfect for you. Keep in mind that cropped doesn't have to mean a super short hemline. While you can rock a hemline that's as short as you want it to be, a cropped sweater can also hit right at the top of your pants or shorts if your bottoms are high-waisted.

This trendy sweater style is perfect for warmer weather because the open-knit material allows for an airy, breezy feeling. Opt for one in a nice, summery yellow paired with light denim high-waisted shorts, or one in a classic white shade paired with a patterned midi skirt. Keep in mind that you'll need a bottom layer with a sweater in this material, so opt for a small undershirt or tank that you can tuck into your shorts, skirts, or pants.

Summer is all about beach days, pool parties, and soaking up the sun, but for days or evenings that you're not living in your swimsuit, opt for a summery sweater. Whether you choose an open-front cardigan, a light cotton pullover sweater, a pastel-hued linen tunic sweater, or a breezy cropped open-knit sweater, simply carry one of these layers in your bag or incorporate it into your look, and you'll be prepared for whatever the day brings.

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