Plus Size PJs to Keep You Warm and Stylish

Plus Size PJs to Keep You Warm and Stylish

A sleep routine without plus size pajamas is like forgetting to set an alarm for the morning. For one, you may not wake up on the right side of the bed. Secondly, what's sleep without a great pair of PJs?

Having a great set of plus size pajamas that you rely on for comfort and warmth can change how you get your day started. You want to make sure that you get the right plus size PJs to fit and to keep you warm through and through. Here are a few options to consider when you're looking for the best PJs:

Matching Top and Bottom Plus Size Pajamas

When somebody says "pajamas" our brains automatically think of matching flannel pajamas. We think of those youthful mornings right before tearing open Christmas gifts. Or even to pajama memories as far back to the lullabies and stories. Matchy-matchy is the classic pajama look. It's flannel, it's simple, and it's 100% cotton, so we know that we'll stay warm and not overheat in these ones. When you love to have uninterrupted sleep, staying warm and cozy all night is the best standard. P.S. wearing a nighttime tuxedo is guaranteed to help your dreams.

The Modern Mismatch: The Plus-Size Flannel Pajama Set

Not everybody wants to go traditional, plaid on plaid with their pajamas, and oftentimes it's better to mismatch your plus size flannel shirt from your flannel bottoms. This can help you customize exactly what you need when you're getting dressed for sleep. You're not sacrificing warmth or comfort. You're getting variety.

Having a dedicated sleep shirt means you don't have to sacrifice any day-to-day shirts you'd wear during the week. Since you have that dedicated top, you only have to make one less decision as you're trying to coast off on the snooze train. If you want to dress up in dream wear before bed and you want to personalize it each night before bed, then this is perfect for you.

Flannel Robe

Ah, the plus-size flannel robe! For those of us who need some extra warmth between the bed and bathroom, the womens plus size robe does its most notable work. If you're wearing a pajama set underneath an open robe or tying the robe in that "full hug" mode, then you've found your match. It's the flannel aspect that truly guarantees the warming effect in those cool early hours of the morning. You'll feel like a queen anytime you throw your flannel robe on.

The Underdog: Fleece Pajamas

Plus size fleece pajamas are the warmest pajamas you'll own without a doubt. Some would argue that they're the underdog in sleepwear, but it depends on who you're asking. Do you need more warmth at night? Fleece is your underdog choice. Wintertime often reminds us that we should wear a sweatshirt on top of our coziest sleep shirt, and if it comes down to it: wear long underwear. However, fleece pajamas make it even simpler. One incredibly warm layer. When the winter starts suggesting that you wear two layers even to bed, then it might be time to give fleece pajamas a try.

The Casual Nightgown

If you're looking for another simple, breathable option, the nightgown is a life changer. If you're typically used to a pajama set you'll love giving the nightgown a go. Flannel options guarantee that same cozy comfort and no matter what, the best nightgowns are cotton. Just grab a pair of slippers and you'll feel like you're floating through your house. Plus, you can answer the door in the morning without having to "get into something more appropriate." It already is! Just call it a morning dress.

So What Are The Best Plus Size Pajamas?

Now that we’ve gone over some of your options for plus size pajamas, we are posed with the question- what are the best plus size pajamas to go with? At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference and what will make you most comfortable. Are you looking for something luxurious? A matching plus size pajama set is the way to go. Want something as cozy as possible? Choose something fleece! As long as you’re going with an option that will provide comfort, you’re sure to be happy with your women's plus size pajamas.


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