The Best Outfits for Christmas Morning

The Best Outfits for Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is one of the most special mornings of the year. It’s a magical day that we all look forward to. You’re cozy at home with your family, the Christmas feast is wafting through the house, perhaps you even have a fire crackling and some fresh snow falling outside. This is a morning for joy and relaxation and to cherish time with your family. But, while Christmas morning is all about staying cozy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress for the occasion. Here are some of our favorite outfits to wear for Christmas morning to really enjoy the festive vibes.

Flannel Pajamas

The classic choice for Christmas morning, flannel pajamas embody the warmth, coziness, and festivity of Christmas morning. Roll out of bed to greet your family and loved ones in your most festive flannel pajamas for this merry occasion. We love the feeling of lounging by the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with a hot cup of coffee, talking to loved ones, and listening to the cheery tunes of holiday music.

Flannel pajamas are basically what you think of when you imagine your ideal Christmas morning. Make your flannel pajama outfit even more festive by selecting colors and patterns that match the holiday. Choose plaid, reds, greens, golds, and blues to really get into the festive vibe.

Matching Family Pajamas

Get the whole family involved with this beloved family Christmas tradition. Many families love to wear matching pajamas on Christmas morning as a special tradition that makes the morning even more fun. Your kids will love getting dressed up into something special. Just in case Christmas morning wasn’t exciting enough for your kids, having matching family pajamas to go along with it will feel all the more wondrous for them. Choose a style you all love in advance, or surprise them on Christmas morning with matching family pajamas as part of their first Christmas presents.

Christmas Pajamas

Since pajamas make the perfect outfit for Christmas morning, why not go the extra mile and make them Christmas pajamas. When you’re at home for the holidays with family and will spend the day resting, relaxing, laughing, and celebrating, you want a practical outfit. Pajamas are one of the best outfits you can wear on Christmas morning because they are cozy and relaxed. You can make your pajamas even more perfect for Christmas morning by choosing a Christmas-themed pair. Whether you like traditional plaid or tartan in classic Christmas colors, or prints of snowflakes, snowmen, and reindeers, Christmas pajamas are only going to add to the comfort and fun of Christmas morning.

Lounge Dress

If you want to wear something that feels like a nightgown or pajamas, but is also a little more day-time, then a lounge dress is another excellent outfit for Christmas morning. Not as fancy as a regular dress, nor as casual and intimate as a nightgown, the lounge dress is the best of both worlds. Comfortable enough to feel like pajamas, classy enough to feel perfect for the holidays.

Lounge dresses are also a great option if you are sharing Christmas morning with extended family and want to wear something that feels a little more presentable and not as personal as pajamas. You'll feel like you’re gliding through Christmas morning in your favorite nightgown, but better.

Cashmere and Lounge Pants

If you’re looking for a Christmas morning outfit that is more dressed up than pajamas but still laid back enough to feel like you’re relaxing on Christmas morning, try pairing a cashmere sweater with some comfortable lounge pants. Because cashmere sweaters are so inherently luxurious, they automatically make anything you’re wearing look a little more dressy. Christmas is a holiday, after all, and maybe looking a little classy for the holidays is more your style.

Loungewear is no longer your standard sweats — it's taken on a whole new level of classy. Choose a flattering and comfortable pair of lounge pants to wear with your cashmere sweater to feel comfortable and stylish. Another great option is wearing a women’s cashmere sweater over your leggings. Make your sweater and loungewear combo festive by choosing Christmas colors to really get into the Christmas vibe.

Flannel Robe

If rolling out of bed and heading straight to the living room is your style, then we recommend you make your bed look into a proper outfit. Throw a flannel robe over your pajamas or nightgown, and you’ve got a perfect outfit for Christmas morning. Comfortable, festive, and classic, wearing a flannel robe over your pajamas will have you feeling perfectly relaxed and ready to enjoy Christmas morning to the fullest.

Sweater Dress

If you want your Christmas morning to be a little dressier but still comfortable, then the best Christmas morning outfit for you is the sweater dress. Sweater dresses are so versatile and comfortable that they work well out of the house and also for lounging around the house. Especially if you live in a region that gets quite cold in the winter, wearing a sweater dress will give you that extra layer of warmth and coziness that will feel perfect for Christmas morning. Wear it over a pair of leggings if you need some extra coverage. To match the festivities, choose a Christmas sweater dress in a color like pine green, red, blue, or gold.

Christmas morning is one of the best mornings of the whole year, and you want to be sure that you have the best outfit for the occasion.

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