The Best Loungewear for Easy Sunday Mornings

The Best Loungewear for Easy Sunday Mornings

The lyrics “easy like Sunday morning” may be referring to a broken heart, but for us, there’s nothing easier than waking up on Sunday and enjoying every minute of how relaxing it is. No matter the time of year, we love starting our Sundays with a good stretch and a blissful reminder that today is the day of rest and relaxation.

It’s probably not a struggle picking out an outfit for Sunday morning. After all, you’ve got no place to be! You can wear whatever you want. If you love shopping, you can get some Sunday R and R while browsing for your next cozy outfit. Where to start? Depending on how you like to spend your easy Sunday Mornings, we’ve got some tips for the perfect loungewear options to add to your routine.

For Family Breakfast at Home

What could be better than flipping pancakes and guzzling syrup with the family?

A tunic sweatshirt is just the thing when you’re maneuvering around the kitchen, whipping up a fresh batch of batter, and flipping flapjacks to your heart’s content. It’s comfy, it’s cozy, and you don’t have to worry about the inevitable syrup spill. Pair it with your favorite PJ bottoms. Who says you have to get dressed first thing?

For Gentle Morning Yoga or Meditation

If your Sunday mornings are more about the “om” than the OJ, you’ll want workout clothes that can move with you from downward dogs and sun salutations to savasana. Opt for loose-fitting clothing for the ultimate comfort factor. It’s Sunday, after all, and you don’t have anything to prove at your yoga studio. Ditch the leggings and sports bra set for capri yoga pants and an oversized tank or T-shirt. For cooler mornings, place a sweatshirt or fleece next to your mat to slip on during your cool down.

If meditation is more your speed, pair your yoga pants with a comfy flannel shirt or drapey long-sleeved tee shirt. You can slip on an open or wrap cardigan sweater for another layer of coziness while you drift away to your spiritual plane.

For the Sunday Crossword

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a quiet morning alone with a crossword puzzle, the arts section, a podcast, or a transporting novel. Whatever you choose to spend a long Sunday morning, you’ll be well prepared to dig in a few hours with comfy sweats.

The forgiving waistband and roomy sweatshirt will move with you as you sink deeper into your chair in deep concentration. Opt for a trendy co-ord set to transition from a casual morning with the paper to afternoon errands or stroll in the park. For our sweat sets this season, we’re loving tie-dye and pastels like violet, mint green, and peach.

For a Casual Morning Stroll

Who says you have to stay at home to have a casual Sunday morning? Sometimes the most relaxing mornings involve a lazy walk through the neighborhood, waving to neighbors, and discovering new delights like flowers blooming or birds chirping.

For this type of morning, you’ll want to steer clear of leaving the house in your bathrobe, even though it’s tempting. Throw on a pair of comfy cotton shorts and a T-shirt for a breezy outfit that keeps you looking and feeling cool as you grab that fresh air you’ve been craving. Choose a color that speaks to your style, like seafoam green or navy paired with a crisp white tee.

For Playtime with the Kids

Even if you’re feeling lazy on Sunday morning, your kids sure aren’t! They don’t have school, and it’s time to play. That’s where a comfy pair of women's joggers will serve you well. You can be flexible to their play routines, from relaxing puzzles to high-energy hide-and-seek in a flexible pair of pants that moves with you. Joggers offer a more structured look without being constrictive like work pants or jeans, so you’ll still love wriggling into them when it’s time to make-believe. Our favorite colorways for joggers are army green and classic black to pair with any top in your closet.

For Doing Absolutely Nothing

Are your Sundays more about taking a whole lot of “me time”? Go ahead, throw on some Enya and slide some cucumber slices over your eyes. You deserve a moment of zen. While you’re at it, consider a lounge dress to help carry you away on a blissful cloud of relaxation. Mix it up with a few options, like dreamy navy stripes or soft florals.

No matter what you’re up to on Sunday mornings, you know you’ve got options! Maybe you’re not feeling like getting dressed quite yet, and that’s okay. Sunday morning is the perfect time to lounge around in your comfy pajamas set, sip a second cup of coffee, and pretend like Mondays don’t exist.


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