The Best High Waisted Bottoms for Tummy Control

The Best High Waisted Bottoms for Tummy Control

Sometimes we all need a little extra support. If that includes tummy control clothing to make you look and feel your best, Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s look at the best high-waisted bottoms for tummy control.

Traditional Swimsuits

Despite rumors to the contrary, shopping for a tummy control swimsuit is fun (at least with us it is!). You can check out the array of styles and colors to see what fits you best. Do you have a favorite color? Prefer one shoulder strap or two? A bit of decolletage or a more modest look? We have what will suit you best.

Tummy control swimwear should be just that—great swimwear that gives you a bit more support where you need it. Nothing more and nothing less. Try out a variety to see what looks and feels best for you. Lands’ End has a great return policy, so if you look at something online and it doesn’t look quite right once you try it on at home, you can always try something else.

When trying on a potential new swimsuit at home, choose a time when you are rested and relaxed so it will be a fun activity instead of feeling like a chore. If you have an upcoming vacation, try to start suit shopping a few weeks in advance. It’s also a good idea to always try on a swimsuit in front of a full-length mirror with good lighting. Do a 360-degree spin, touch your toes, and move like you are swimming (this is part of the beauty of trying on swimsuits in the privacy of your own home). The right suit should move with you, not bunch up or pinch anywhere, give you the coverage that you want, and make you look and feel fantastic. If a suit doesn’t do these things, it’s not the right suit. Make a note of what you liked and didn’t like about that one and move on to the next one.

Swim Skirts and Swim Dresses

In addition to one-piece swimsuits and tankinis, consider a swim dress or tummy control swim skirt or tummy control high waist swim bottoms. By mixing and matching tops and bottoms, you can not only get just the right size and support that you deserve, but you can also enjoy greater variety in your swim wardrobe. Thankfully, the days of few options in swimsuits are gone. We make swimsuits to fit every body, so you are bound to find the cut and color that will be fun and flattering for you.


Did someone say “yoga pants”? Seriously, what did we do before these wonderful pants were invented? The right pair of women’s yoga pants can work for your workouts and even your work at the office. Consider topping a pair of classic black yoga pants with your favorite tunic for an easy-breezy style that will take you almost anywhere.

The right yoga pants are the ones that are cut for your body. A higher waist will create a smooth look while giving you a bit more coverage and comfort for everyday tasks like bending and reaching. When shopping for yoga pants, keep an eye out for verbiage about high waists. The ultimate test though is to try them on and see what looks and feels good to you. Sizing should be as individual as you are.


Every woman needs a great pair of jeans in her closet. The right jeans will be both comfy and great looking. Dark wash jeans are typically the “dressiest” looking jeans, making them a good option for wearing to the office or out to dinner. Medium wash jeans are also wonderfully versatile and will go with almost any casual top.

When choosing jeans, you don’t have to compromise on tummy control. Women’s jeans are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The rise in jeans is how “tall” the jeans will be from the crotch seam to the waist.

For tummy control, look for higher-waisted jeans that will give you a smooth look. Try on different mid-rise and high-rise jeans to see what feels best. Either straight leg or boot cut will give you a “medium” width to the legs of your jeans, but many women like wide-leg jeans or skinny jeans. It all depends upon what silhouette you prefer.

A great look you may want to try when you find just the right jeans is to pair them with a women’s white blouse. By wearing the blouse untucked, it can either drape like a tunic or fall more closely to the body like a fitted blouse. Hip length is a graceful length for this look that you can dress up or down. A great-looking white blouse should be on your list of wardrobe staples, too.

Enjoy wearing the right high-waisted clothes for you!


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