The Best Girls Cardigan Sweaters for the Fall

The Best Girls’ Cardigan Sweaters for the Fall

With the arrival of fall comes the need for cold-weather clothing, and that includes sweaters. This go-to autumn staple belongs in everyone’s wardrobe regardless of age or gender. If you are shopping for new sweaters for your daughter this fall, consider investing in a few of the top cardigan sweaters for girls.

A Button Up Cardigan

A good button-up cardigan designed with warm, high-quality fabric is a must-have for any school-age girl through the fall season. A button-up cardigan can easily be thrown over a long-sleeve shirt or t-shirt and paired with jeans or other pant bottoms, or it can be worn over a dress or with a skirt. It’s versatile and can be worn in any setting, whether at home, at school, or a playdate. Shop around for a quality button-up cardigan that will last several seasons, and look for classic fall colors that can easily be paired with a variety of outfits.

A Cardigan Sweater T-Shirt or Vest

There will be fall days when the weather is cool during the morning and evening, yet still relatively warm during the day. This is the time when cardigan sweater tees and vests come in handy. Your daughter can wear a cardigan sweater tee as a base layer and have a light girls' rain jacket to go over it that she can take on and off as the temperature varies. Cardigan sweater tees also make for great tops to pair with a stylish pleated skirt, thus creating an adorable fall outfit. Cardigan sweater vests are also a great choice for an article of clothing that can be worn over a t-shirt or a jumper dress.

An Oversized Cardigan

A cardigan sweater everyone should invest in is a thick, chunky, oversized cardigan. The main feature of an oversized cardigan is its comfort, but oversized cardigans can also be quite stylish. This is the ideal sweater to wear on a chilly autumn day when your daughter plans to lounge around the house or hang out with friends. An oversized cardigan sweater can be paired with leggings or denim jeans to make a casual, comfortable, and chic outfit.

A Knitted Cardigan Sweater

A classic knitted cardigan is a basic fall wardrobe piece that works with a countless variety of outfits and creates a polished, stylish look with minimal effort. In fact, if your daughter doesn’t care for the other cardigan sweater styles, consider investing in a few different cuts and colors of a basic knitted cardigan. The fabric and style of this sweater go well with denim jeans, corduroy bottoms, leggings, skirts, and dresses and can be worn for different occasions and settings.

A Cardigan Turtleneck Sweater

Who doesn’t love a good turtleneck sweater, especially on a particularly cold fall or winter day? Like many other sweaters for girls, the cardigan turtleneck can be worn on its own with a pair of denim jeans, over a cute dress, or with a second layer. Having a variety of cardigans will make dressing up for those cold fall and winter days more fun for your daughter.

A Long, Open Cardigan

Sometimes all a girl needs is a good quality, long cardigan she can wrap herself up in when she needs a warm, second layer. A long open cardigan makes for great loungewear, and it’s something your daughter can wear when the house is a bit chilly or she will be spending the day running around outside at the park or with friends. Invest in a simple, solid-colored cardigan in a color of her choice as well as an additional print cardigan when she wants to wear something a little more fun and stylish.

A Print or Festive Holiday Cardigan

Everyone needs a good holiday sweater, and that includes your young ones! Enhance your daughter’s wardrobe with a fun, festive holiday cardigan or a few print cardigans with various designs and colors. These will make for great sweaters when your daughter has a holiday party to attend with her friends or the whole family.

A Cardigan Sweater Dress

Most people stock up their wardrobe with a handful of good quality sweaters, but we can’t forget to include at least one cute cardigan sweater dress. Sweater dresses have increasingly become all the rage and are a great fashion staple for both the fall and winter season. Not only are they stylish, but they are also quite practical. Good quality sweater dresses are often made with a thick, knitted material, guaranteed to keep your daughter warm as she travels about throughout the day. Who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in a luxuriously soft, long sweater dress during the cold seasons?

See any cardigans your daughter might like? We’ve just highlighted a few examples above, but have fun with it and enjoy the shopping experience until you find the girls’ cardigan right for her.


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