The Best Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

The Best Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

Getting married is a very exciting time for a bride-to-be. There is much anticipation in the air as she creates a wedding registry and plans the big day step by step. If the bride-to-be is a dear friend of yours, you want to honor the occasion with only the best gifts. What are the best types of gifts that you can give to your bride-to-be? Give her things that she can use immediately for her honeymoon, along with some household staples that will last through the years as she and her betrothed's love grows. Here are some examples of the best gifts that are always appreciated by newlyweds.

Gift Cards for Honeymoon Expenses

If your bride-to-be is going on a honeymoon, the couple can never have too much money to spend. There are fancy dinners to attend and delicious poolside drinks to buy. Lavish massages, spa treatments, and soaks in the sun all require some extra cash for the best experience. Whether you want to make an individual contribution or get a group of friends together to pool some money together, offering a gift card with money that can be spent internationally is an excellent gift for any bride. For the best results, make sure the gift card in question can be spent in their honeymoon destination. If they don't plan to go abroad, then your task is easier since most credit cards in the United States will work wherever they are accepted. However, if they plan to go to an exotic location, check with the area first if they can accept the gift card that you are buying.

Tip: If you’re ever in doubt about whether a gift card will be honored at an international location, just give cash or transfer money through your bride’s preferred cash app. That makes it easy for her to decide how to spend or transfer the money for her needs.

Accessories for Traveling

Not only does the bride need money for spending during her honeymoon, but she would appreciate some travel accessories like monogrammed beach bags. This affordable and useful gift becomes extra thoughtful when you take the time to personalize her name or initials on it. After all, anything that's personalized just has an extra touch of glamor and affection attached to it.

If she already has plenty of beach bags, then get her a women’s weekender bag. After marriage, girls’ trips will definitely be on the agenda, so give your bride something to look forward to with this gift. These small bags can be taken on the plane and used as a carry-on bag to avoid any checked bag fees. They are also just the right size to pack enough outfits and toiletries for a two-night stay at your favorite Airbnb. Weekender bags can also be used right away on the honeymoon as an extra bag for toiletries and clothing for the first couple of days in case any checked bags are late.

Timeless Home Goods

After the honeymoon is over, the happy couple has a home to spruce up. There will be a ton of wedding gifts coming to their address, which is an exciting prospect for newlyweds who want to dress their home up with everything new. Depending on what is on the registry, you may be able to boost your gifting by tacking on a few high-end staples they can use for years. These items don't typically make it on the list because they seem too practical, but over the years, high-quality linens, cookware, and furniture will go a long way for the couple. Here are some ideas for excellent home-related gifts for the bride-to-be:

These tried-and-true gifts will be wonderful additions to your bride-to-be's gift list. Whether it's a gift card or a timeless household necessity, anything you give will be from the heart and received with gratitude.


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