Gift Basket

The Best Gift Basket: A How-To Guide and New Take on an Old Tradition.

Are you running out of gift giving ideas? Before you wrap a can of spray paint in yesterday's newspaper and throw it under the tree, take a moment to read this gift basket building guide for a little holiday gift giving inspiration. And if you think giving someone a parka, or mittens, scarf, duffle, and slippers sound like humdrum ideas, think again. It's all in the presentation.

What's in This Pocket?

Do you have a hide-and-seek, scavenger-hunting-obsessed loved one? This is a gift they'll love unwrapping. Simply use the parka as a clever gift basket by hiding a little something in each pocket. You could not give them any hints at all and instead let them discover each additional gift on their own. Maybe give them a bonus gift if they find every hidden gift within a certain time frame, or you could be so kind as to make their gift tag the lead in....something like “You’ll love this warm women’s parka in beautiful blue. Inside the pocket is something extra for you...” Then stash the bonus gift along with another clue leading them on to the next pocket.

The Great Unveiling.

Remember when you were little and Grandma was running low on fresh ideas and ended up resorting to the matching group gift? Every year you and your cousins would open the same thing: a matching set of womens winter gloves and a scarf. You'd all smile politely and thank her even though she knew (I mean…come on, you know she knew) you were being polite. Lucky for your kids or friends, a matching set of mittens and a scarf can be the launchpad for some really great ideas. Wrap the scarf around a pair of goggles, slip a lift ticket inside the mittens. The smiles and thanks you’ll get will certainly be sincere.

Double Duty Duffle. This gem is a great idea for all you sports parents out there. Your kids all need a duffle to pack their gear. Start with a sturdy duffle or zip-top canvas tote. Monogram their name, initials or nickname. Stuff it full of whatever they need to get out there and do their thing! Need new tennis shoes? Take a look inside the duffle. Oh, your athletic socks look like they could walk out of the gym on their own? Might be a pack of those in the bag, along with a mirror, brush, hair ties, deodorant, shower towel and tickets to the stadium so you can see how the pros do it. This duffle idea doesn't have to be just for athletic children. No matter what your youngster is into, it probably fits in a duffle bag. You can pack a duffle with books, makeup, art supplies, microscopes, pet accessories, slime making ingredients…anything goes.

The Slipper Sipper: Are you giving a gift to someone who is burning their candle at both ends and could benefit from taking it down a notch? Give him or her something completely relaxing: slippers, a good book, a journal, a nice pen, a mug, and a gourmet assortment of coffee…tea…hot cocoa (whichever they like best, or all three). With this gift you just let the overachiever in your life know that you love how driven they are, yet support their need to take a moment should they ever slow down long enough to do so.

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