The Best Gift Basket

How to Build the Best Gift Basket This Christmas

Every year, Christmas shopping for the family gets harder. Dad got tools last year and a football jersey the year before…what now? Thinking of new gift ideas can get tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s all about the presentation. Even the more “boring” gift ideas can become fun and exciting if you switch up the packaging a bit. Who says unwrapping a present can’t be just as fun as the gift itself? Here’s how to pack a gift basket like a professional this Christmas.

Start with the Basket

The term “gift basket” can be a little misleading; you can pack your gifts into anything you like! The main purpose of the “basket” is to give the opener a break from the usual wrapper paper tearing and gift bag emptying while also grouping together gifts that are meant as a set. Make the packaging part of the gift by tucking the individual parts of the present into a backpack, toolbox, purse, or storage container that can be used for more than just wrapping once the holiday season is over. You also can use the “basket” as a clue to the contents of the gift if you are feeling creative. Packing the new fishing supplies in a tackle box will get Grandpa excited for the gift even before he opens it!

Pick a Theme They’ll Love

Gift baskets are easy to personalize since everything inside is hand picked for the recipient. It’s a good idea to pick a theme before you start shopping for the smaller parts of the gift so that every part of the gift fits together. A gift basket of random presents can be fun but also confusing the person opening it! A good example of a theme is a favorite sports team. In addition to trinkets sporting the teams’ colors and logos, you can pack the gift basket with snacks to be eaten during the game, tailgating supplies, or tickets to see the team play in person! This is a great option for shoppers on a budget; a bunch of smaller objects that relate to the recipient’s favorite hobby can be just as exciting to open as a larger, more expensive item.

Build an Experience

What do you get the person who has everything? A unique experience just for them! Gift a busy friend a relaxing afternoon by giving them a basket packed with hot cocoa mix, some comfy pajamas, a comfy throw blanket to snuggle up in, and a movie or book to enjoy at their leisure. For kids, you can bundle up the ingredients they need to make slime or craft supplies for creations of their own invention. Sure, you can buy slime in stores, but it’s much more fun when you get to make it yourself! For the adults, pack up tickets to sporting events, concerts, or other fun experiences with items that they can wear to the event. They might not care about the little things as much as they do the big main item, but you have to admit it’s a lot more fun unwrapping a gift like this than opening an envelope.

Give them A Puzzle

If you do give them tickets to a big event like a concert or football game, you can use the other items in the gift basket as hints to the bigger gift within. Hint a ski trip by giving a gift basket with a warm winter hat, hand warmers, ski goggles, and, finally, the lift tickets themselves. Not only will this be an exciting gift for them to open, but you’ll also get to enjoy watching their face light up as they put the pieces together. This is also a fun way to tell kids that they’re going on vacation! Why just tell them they’re going to Disney World if you can watch them unwrap a set of Mickey Mouse ears and realize it themselves?

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