The Best Beach Games

The Best Beach Games

There’s more to do at the beach than swimming and laying out in the sun. While that’s fun, there are also many other activities and beach games you can play to make your vacation even more memorable. Whether with friends or family, the right games will be so much fun you’ll never want to leave the beach.

If you need some ideas for games to play in the sun and sand, keep reading. Here are eight fun activities that will take your day at the beach to the next level.

Tug of War

Tug of war is a game that never gets old, and it’s ideal for playing as a family. Your kids will love participating in a friendly family competition no matter their age. If available, bring a sturdy rope, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can still play tug of war. You need a few extra beach towels and at least two people—but it’s even more fun with four or more people. Just draw a line in the sand as a marker, choose your teams, and start the game!


Frisbee is an excellent outdoor activity for family and friends, especially at the beach. There’s plenty of room to run around to toss and catch a frisbee together. It’s simple to play, which is great if you have younger kids. But if you want to play a more competitive game, you can play ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, or frisbee bowling. When playing, make sure everyone wears comfortable, breathable clothes that are good for running.


Volleyball has become synonymous with the beach, making it the perfect beach game for family and friends. All you need is a net, stand, and volleyball, which are affordable and long-lasting. Many beaches have volleyball nets already installed if you don’t already have one. An active game of beach volleyball can work up a sweat, so it’s okay just to play this in your swimwear. But you’ll probably want to wear a bathing suit that provides a good amount of coverage and security, like a one-piece suit with swim shorts.

Treasure Hunt

If you want a more laid-back beach activity, create a treasure hunt for you and your family. You can hide small beach toys around the beach and see who can collect the most. Or have your kids work together as a team to find the treasures. If you don’t have toys on hand to hide, going out as a family to hunt for seashells is another fun, relaxing way to work as a team. Whichever one you decide to do, make sure you have a good bucket or durable beach bags to carry your items.

Kite Flying

A day at the beach often comes with cool breezes from the ocean. That’s why you should definitely bring some kites for the entire family. This is another relaxing activity that will captivate your kids for hours. They’ll love seeing their kites pick up air, twirl, and race across the sky. You’ll all be able to fly together and even do a kite flying race to make things a little more competitive. If you’re at the beach on an especially windy day, pack lightweight layers if it gets chilly. You can also include rash guards in your family swimwear for added warmth and protection.

Ring Toss

Ring or hoop toss is an entertaining, simple game that will quickly become a family favorite. The rules are easy to learn and can bring out the competitive streak in your kids, making it even more fun. You need some small hoops and stakes to put in the ground. There are sets that include everything you need at many stores, or you can easily make your own. Once the game is set up, split your family into two teams and see who can toss the most rings on the stakes. Everyone will love this game so much that you’ll probably wind up playing it more than a few times.

Build Sandcastles

What’s a day at the beach without building sandcastles? This activity never gets old, and it’s something anyone can enjoy, no matter their age. To prepare, bring beach tote bags to pack full of plastic buckets, small shovels, and scoops to shape your castles. You can all build your own or work on a group sandcastle for fun. You might even be able to take part in a sandcastle competition!

Musical Towels

We all know how to play musical chairs. Well, have you thought about bringing the fun and excitement of that game to the beach? But that doesn’t mean you have to pack a ton of folding chairs. All you need is towels and music to play the same beloved game at the beach with your family.

With these eight family-friendly games, you’ll never run out of things to do on your next beach vacation.


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