Textiles for Home Dècor

Creating a Cozy Home: How to Use Textiles to Add Warmth and Comfort

When it comes to interior design, the textiles you choose can completely transform the look and feel of your space. Cultivating a warm, inviting space involves selecting comfortable textiles for every room. High-quality fabrics can elevate your space, from keeping guests cozy in the living room with plush throw pillows to creating a bedroom oasis with luxurious sheets. From warm, homey flannel to glossy satin, there are comfortable fabric options for every style—and endless ways to use them.

Luxurious Bedding

Climbing into bed should be a comfortable, relaxing experience, so it’s important to pick fabrics that you truly love. Don’t stop at your favorite pair of pajamas—make sure that your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases are all just as cozy. The right bedding matches all of your preferences, from texture to pattern. Choose a color scheme or print for your bedding that matches the design of your room to create a cohesive, relaxing space.

To stay toasty warm at night, try out comfy, fuzzy flannel sheets in your favorite color. If you want a bedding set that’s just as comfortable but with a cooling effect, opt for breathable percale sheets or sumptuous sateen sheets. For extra warmth, layer a fluffy comforter on top, or find a duvet and a matching cover in the perfect print.

Thoughtful Bedroom Dècor

Having a cozy bedroom is so much more than picking out a great bedding set. Pay attention to all the textiles in your room to add a touch of comfort to every corner. Bed skirts help your bed look neat and cohesive, especially if you use under-bed storage. Choose from ruffled, pleated, and fitted styles to match your personal taste.

Using textiles as home dècor incorporates refined comfort into your space. Consider adding a dainty lace or woven tablecloth to your side tables. Textile-based wall art like decorative tapestries and macramé wall hangings all add softness and visual interest to your bedroom.


The draperies you choose for your windows can alter the entire look of a room. They can block out or let in natural light, make ceilings seem higher, or accent the rest of your dècor. Your curtains incorporate color and pattern into the room without the commitment of painting your walls. From heavy, ornate blackout curtains to wispy lace or organza curtains, they’re a great way to soften your interior with textiles. Stripes, florals, paisley, velvet—choose your favorite pattern and texture, or layer your curtains to add more depth to your space. Experiment with different draping styles or add a valence to accentuate your windows even more.

Cozy Throws

Draping a throw blanket over a chair, sofa, or bed creates an inviting sense of lived-in comfort. Throw blankets accent your furniture, adding a new texture or color to enhance your existing color scheme. By adding a throw for each of your sofas or chairs, you make it easy for guests to make themselves comfortable in your space. If you like the look of throw blankets but want to switch up the room’s look, find a woven basket or storage ottoman where you can store extra throws.

Chunky knit or faux fur throws exude luxurious softness, while cotton weave throws let you cuddle up with something breathable and lightweight. Pick out a throw with unique tassels or fringe borders for extra texture.

Plush Accent Pillows

Throw pillows add cohesion or contrast to your living room or bedroom. They’re also practical, giving you extra lumbar or back support while you sit. Play around with colors, patterns, and shapes to create a completely unique and personalized combination. Match classic square accent pillows in solid colors with a decorative bolster pillow in a bold pattern. You can even find decorative cushions in fun novelty shapes like hearts, stars, flowers, and animals. When picking out accent pillows, consider how you can comfortably arrange them on your furniture while still having plenty of room to sit and lounge.


Whether you have wood, vinyl, or carpet, an area rug adds complexity and visual interest to any room. If you have plain-colored walls, a rug can incorporate colors and patterns that express your personal taste. Similarly, a neutral rug can open up your space if you have busy wallpaper or bold upholstery. A rug can act as a centerpiece for your room, defining your living spaces in a subtle, understated way. When picking out a rug, measure your space carefully to ensure you choose the right size. The perfect area rug leaves a bit of space around the edges to provide adequate coverage while helping the room feel bigger.

Experiment with textiles in your space by picking a few of your favorite materials and combining them in different ways. Throw pillows, curtains, blankets, and other textiles are easy to swap out, so you can adjust and update your dècor as your tastes evolve.


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