Ten favorite Christmas sweaters

Ten Favorite Christmas Sweaters

What comes to mind when thinking about Christmas sweaters? Big sewn-on Rudolph red buttons, sequins, usually an unnecessary amount of story told via knitting. It's basically a wearable mural. We're humming a new tune of comfort and trend. Here are our 10 favorite Christmas sweaters.

The Classic, Bold Sweater.

It's the sweater you think you have in your closet but every time you look you remember that you left it at the last holiday party you went to a year ago. And since then you've seen that party's host wearing something strikingly similar to the sweater you left at their house. Hmmm…well, you're in luck, because we have what you need with this classic, bold sweater. We're talking a Donegal sweater, with rich cables in a light, airy knit. Leave the heavy wool to the rookies sweating in the corner. If you’re feeling extra festive, pair your sweater with a bold set or earrings or an eye-catching bracelet to tie your outfit together. The accessories can help tie your outfit together.

The "inspired by" Christmas Sweater.

This one is like a new movie based off of a treasured novel. Many sweaters go for the style and design, but the "inspired by" sweater ties together the comfort and durability with a modern look. How many holiday movies have you seen over the years with a lovely lady in a cashmere turtleneck sweater? There's a reason this classic never takes a back seat at Christmas. Pair your cashmere sweater with a great set of classic leather boots. The boots will sharpen up your outfit and keep your feet warm during cold winter days and nights.

The "Dad" Sweater

He knew he held onto this sweater for the right reasons. He's telling you how much he saved up for it back in the day, and how much that money means nowadays. Sometime in the mid-aughts he thought to donate it, but he resisted and he knew that it would be worth something someday. The "Dad" sweater is back and still has a few corny jokes up its sleeves. Looking for an upgrade? Get him a classic men's Christmas sweater in a nice rich red or green. It's a perfect gift for him. 

To take it a step further, get yourself a sleek sweater (in the style of your choice) in a matching color to your dad’s sweater. He’ll love that you can match!

The Moo.

There are only a few opportunities in the calendar year where you can show everybody that you love cows. Then you see this sweater and you cown't believe your eyes. Moove over. Make each day you wear this cow print Supima® cotton Christmas sweater "Cow Appreciation Day." As an added bonus, you can use your cow sweater for costume parties and Halloween, as well! 

The Snow Globe.

We love a design that captures those early memories best: driving home with the Christmas tree on the top of the car, never quite sure how it might fit in the house, and the true beginning of the holiday spirit. The snow scene on the front of our Supima Cotton Christmas Sweater is indicative of exactly that. You'll be tempted to shake it up to see if it really is a snow globe. For a fun touch, add a pair of heirloom earrings that belonged to your mom or grandma–or wear a hat that belonged to your dad. It’ll take the nostalgia to a whole new level!

Say Trees.

Need a sweater that gets you from work, to a holiday photo with the family all in the same breath? Look for a cotton sweater with a tree or wreath. Supima cotton with a whimsical print is just the ticket. Add a set of gold earrings and a gold necklace for a fancier look!

The Christmas Cardigan.

Another classic holiday staple, you can wrap yourself up like a warm present in a cashmere cardigan sweater. Waterfall or button-front, you can't go wrong. As long as you're looking to be cozy, your cashmere cardigan will never go out of style. It could be Thanksgiving or a hot cocoa in a ski lodge and it's there for you. Whichever opportunity this sweater has to warm, it will do its wearer justice.

The Contemporary Sweater.

It is exactly what you pictured you'd be wearing on Christmas day: a sweater with a little flutter. Maybe it's a flutter sleeve sweater or the flutter of a cashmere poncho. Either way, you're looking pretty smart and camera ready. Add a cute headband and a pair of simple earrings to finish the look. This type of sweater can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or a skirt. So, wear it how you’re comfortable!

The Cute as a Button Sweater

Your little penguins look astounding in girls' Christmas sweaters and boys' Christmas sweaters. The girls' sweater dress and the crewneck sweater intensify their cuteness to record levels. Add a pair of cable knit tights, little boots, and pretty bows for a cute polished look. Call the photographer! How adorable is this?

The "do I look good in this" Sweater?

Warning, it's a trap! This is a gorgeous sweater, and money well-spent! It's true, so say it, quick! We especially love the "it's always Christmas" appeal of two simple words: cashmere sweater. Crew, poncho, cardigan, tunic, short sleeve…the confidence you feel wearing the real deal is impossible to replicate. It's the ultimate Christmas sweater. Don’t stop there, though! Cashmere can be worn year round in so many ways. So, don’t hesitate to pull out your favorite cashmere sweater the next time you need to dress up a little, but also be comfortable–even if it isn’t Christmas anymore.

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