Cashmere Turtlenecks

Cashmere Turtleneck Sweaters

Cashmere Turtleneck Sweaters

If you live in a place with freezing temperatures during winter, you should definitely have a turtleneck sweater in your wardrobe. The turtleneck sweater is a classic cold-weather fashion piece that exudes a sophisticated and retro vibe. It's a versatile sweater that looks great with a wide variety of clothes, from jeans to heavy womens winter coats. It can also be worn for all kinds of occasions. A thick turtleneck sweater can keep your neck and body warm even in the coldest weather. For greater comfort and warmth, consider getting Lands' End famous cashmere turtleneck sweater.

Our cashmere turtleneck sweaters for women are made of the finest cashmere in the world. Unlike regular wool, which is sheared, our cashmere is painstakingly combed from cashmere goats in Inner Mongolia. As such, it's extremely smooth from one end to the other. After it's collected, it undergoes a gentle wash that reduces friction and turns it into an incredibly soft fiber. Then, it's spun into yarn and skillfully knitted into our super-comfy and luxuriant cashmere turtleneck sweaters.

Lands' End offers two beautiful cashmere turtleneck options for women. Our Hunter Green Fairisle women's cashmere turtleneck sweater will make you look professional, confident, and calm with its dark green hue. It features two-ply cashmere fabric to provide greater protection against the cold and ribbed neck, cuffs, and hem to keep the warmth in. There are two plus sizes for you to choose from: 1X for women with busts measuring 44 to 46 inches and 2X for women with busts measuring 48 to 50 inches.

If you prefer a more casual and sportier look, opt for our Alpaca heather snowflakes women's cashmere turtleneck. Its soothing, neutral colors will make you look the part whether you're vacationing at a ski resort or shopping at a farmers' market. This cashmere turtleneck for women is available in three plus sizes: 1X, 2X, and 3X.

Pamper yourself with a premium-quality women's turtleneck cashmere sweater from Lands' End. With their durable construction and materials, our turtleneck sweaters can keep you warm for many winters. Shop for women's sweaters at Lands' End now and enjoy savings of up to 40%.