Why the Tankini Is the Most Versatile Swimsuit

Why the Tankini Is the Most Versatile Swimsuit

First, what is a tankini? This highly wearable and super popular swimsuit top is the combination of a tank top and a bikini top. Tankinis are usually full-coverage and can be worn just like a tank top. They're usually made from some combination of spandex and Lycra, like most functional swimwear.

Tankinis are the best way to rock a two-piece swimsuit in such a way that can be both modest and flattering for all body types. Not only is the tankini attractive and flattering for all body types, it's also wonderfully versatile. This swimsuit style can (and should!) be worn both on and off the beach. There are endless styles, patterns, and cuts of chic and slimming tankini tops available, so we're here to help you figure out the best way to wear your tankini for your summer plans this year.

You Can Pair It With Bikini Bottoms

A tankini gives you the opportunity to wear a two-piece swimsuit but also feel comfortable in the flattering full coverage it provides. The tankini is the best of both worlds. Pair your tankini with some cute classic bikini bottoms and hit the beach with confidence and style.

When you hit the beach in your tankini and bikini bottoms, do not forget to bring along your large and soft personalized beach towel to stretch out on, along the shore.

Wear Your Tankini With a Swim Skirt

Perhaps a bikini bottom is too revealing of a look for you. Pair your tankini with a full-coverage ultra-flattering swim skirt. Swim skirts are both practical and adorable. A pool or beach day spent in a tankini and swim skirt will have you ready for anything from swimming and water sports to lounging and relaxing. The tankini swim skirt combo gives you maximum coverage without bogging you down or holding you back. You have the coverage of a full outfit but the functional quick-drying material of a bikini.

For even more coverage, you can opt for a high-neck tankini or pair your tankini with a long-sleeved full-coverage rash guard.

Your Tankini Can Pull Double-Duty In and Out of the Water

As mentioned, the tankini is the bridge between a tank top shirt and a bikini. This doesn’t mean it's half bikini and half tank top. This means it's fully both of these things. In other words, you can wear your tankini in any situation you would normally wear a tank top in.

Grabbing lunch after the beach? No need to change, you are already wearing a stylish full-coverage tank top. Headed to a festival, summer fair, or theme park this summer and unsure what to wear? A tankini is a great option for any summer outdoor plans you have this year.

If you're headed to a pool party or backyard barbeque this summer, pair your tankini with a cute breezy midi skirt and some strappy sandals for a sweet summer look that looks great whether you plan on swimming and pool-lounging or not.

The Tankini Is Both Flattering and Functional

Tankinis are flattering, flexible, and fully functional. A well-fitted and supportive tankini will give you the confidence to be fully present and participate in whatever summer activities your heart desires.

If your summer plans include water sports and activities, we recommend a sporty tankini style to ensure maximum support. You can choose a racer-back style or one with adjustable straps so you can change the level of support depending on your activities.

Alternatively, you could also choose a tankini with underwire for extra lift, support, and shape in your swimwear. An underwire tankini is a great option for those with larger busts looking for extra support, but it's also a wonderful option for those with smaller busts looking for extra lift.

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Tankini

Remember the magical pants from The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants? How do they miraculously fit anyone who puts them on and makes everyone look great? That’s basically the tankini! This magically versatile style truly is flattering and attractive on every body type. Especially with so much variety within the tankini style, there's a perfect tankini out there for you, whether your summer plans include beach vacations, pool parties, or just backyard lounging.

With the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit but the stylish versatility of a two-piece swimsuit, every size or shape can find the tankini for them.


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