How to Take Your Sweater from Work to Going Out

How to Take Your Sweater from Work to Going Out

Sweaters are a simple way to elevate your look, and they’re extremely versatile, too. Discover tips to take your sweater from a workday to a night out with ease thanks to this simple guide. Eliminate the stress of taking your look from day to night, and be confident knowing you're looking your best for every situation!

Start by Stocking Up Your Closet With Sweaters

Your day-to-night outfits start with having plenty of variety in your wardrobe. Stock up on women’s sweaters in different types and colors to have options for every season and every occasion. Choose from classic and trendy cardigans, flattering pullovers, turtleneck sweaters, zip-up styles, and ultra-soft cashmere. Fabrics matter, too; having sweaters in warmer fabrics, such as wool, for the colder months, as well as lightweight sweaters made of materials like breathable cotton, will help you have the pieces you need to create great transitional outfits for every season and occasion.

Take Your Cardigans From Day to Night With Style

If there’s a sweater that no woman should ever be without, it’s the cardigan. Or should we say cardigans? This classic sweater staple now comes in so many silhouettes it’s in a class all its own. Regardless of the type, however, there are numerous ways to take it from workday-ready to night out. Take your classic button-up cardigan with a rounded neckline, and pair it with a button-up blouse and some smart chinos for work, then make a simple switch to a going-out look by swapping your crisp top for a sleek, lace-trimmed shell or V-neck tee. An open-front cardigan in a draping or waterfall style looks great at work when worn with a turtleneck and wool trousers, but you can get a chic nighttime look simply by adding some trendy jewelry and swapping out your smart trousers for some skinny jeans. Or, take it down a notch for a cute and casual evening look by pairing cardigan sweaters with tailored tees and fitted denim skirts.

Elevate Your Turtleneck Sweaters for Going Out

Perfectly polished and fuss-free, a turtleneck sweater is an ideal piece for wearing to work. Whether you pair it with corduroy pants or a pretty pencil skirt, you have plenty of work-friendly options with this sweater. To take it up a notch for evening wear, you have lots of choices, too. Add a cute denim jacket to your turtleneck and some greatest earrings to an instantly chic look for evenings out. Instead of your work pants, toss on a pair of flattering jeans and a long, chunky necklace. Or, try your turtleneck out with a midi skirt and chunky ankle boots for a cute cold-weather look. Different turtleneck sweater types can give you even more options, so mix and match different ones from lightweight designs to textured cable knits.

Give Your Pullover Sweaters Chic Evening Appeal

A pullover sweater is another one of those fabulous pieces that makes it easy to go from day to evening. Whether done in a crewneck, V-neck, or boat neck style, these sleek sweaters have a streamlined, slightly tailored look that’s still comfortable. For work, you may try these sweaters with active trousers in your favorite neutral colors, but you can easily take things to a new level for going out by pairing them with a different pants type. For example, try colored denim, or pants in a trendy print, to make them look perfect for an evening out.

Cashmere Doesn’t Take a Lot

If there’s one day-to-night sweater fabric every woman needs, it’s cashmere. Cashmere sweaters for women have the perfect blend of classy, timeless appeal that works just as beautifully for your work outfits as it does for your evening attire. From cashmere cardigans to pullovers to turtlenecks, the luxe fabric will feel sensational and look even better. Your cashmere sweater may even just work with whatever you wore with it to work, though you can certainly change out accessories and outfit pieces to dress it up a little more.

Quick Swaps and Additions to Make Your Sweaters Evening Worthy

If you don’t have the time or flexibility to change out tops or bottoms with your sweater, there are tons of quick swaps and additions you can make to take your sweaters from day to night. Adding fashion scarves is an easy way to add a fun touch, as is swapping out your everyday jewelry for something a little bolder. Layering casual jackets over your sweaters can make them look fabulous for evenings. Simple footwear swaps can also make a big impact. Putting on heels or boots instead of flats or loafers will instantly elevate your outfit. Add a bold, colorful handbag to your outfit, or a wide belt to dress it up.

Versatile Sweaters That Never Let You Down

No matter how you style them, chic sweaters are solid staples that can take you from work to going out in any season. From cute layers to simple accessorizing, you can’t go wrong with your favorite sweaters and a little creativity.


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