How to Wear Denim on Denim

Take Your Jeans and Jean Jackets to New Heights: How to Wear Denim on Denim

We’re taking a colorful step with the tradition of denim, otherwise known as jeans. Jean jackets, high rise jeans, and straight leg jeans: there’s a fit for every style. The story we’re stuck on is color, way beyond the different shades of blue we know and love. Sure, indigo will always be the origin story of jeans, but what we’re loving is the fresh look of pastels and distressed washes. It opens up so many modern ideas and brings back vintage looks. How can you make the most of the versatility that denim offers? We’ll give you some pointers.

First, the Ultimate Question: Can you wear jeans on jeans?

Yes! Whoever said denim on denim wasn’t allowed hasn’t felt the power of a double denim outfit. It’s simply the best. Denim doesn’t have to be blue on blue, though. Don’t get us wrong, we love the seamless color palette, but if you’re looking for a mix and match approach, this classic combination is always in style: black jeans, indigo jean jacket, a classic white women’s t-shirt, and a pair of trendy white sneakers. You can even pair a blue jean jacket with your blue jeans, separated with a pastel or neutral colored long sleeve t-shirt. Piece of cake.

How Do You Wear Pastel Jeans and Pastel Jean Jackets?

There are a few ways you can go. Feeling more fashion-forward? Match your pastel jeans jacket with your jeans. Keep your t-shirt or button-front shirt neutral. If you want to keep the color line, tuck in your shirt. Or break it up by leaving it untucked. The choice is yours.

If you want to play it a little safer, use complementary colors to create a stellar outfit. A few of our favorite color combinations include lavender and yellow, pink and seafoam green, tangerine and soft melon, and guava and turquoise. For more inspiration, check out a color wheel or head on over to Pinterest. Complementary colors make each other pop. Experiment, try something new. See what shades work best for you. Remember, your indigo jean jacket serves as the perfect neutral garment. You can always work your way into your look by starting with a classic blue jacket and throwing a little color on the bottom half with a pair of distressed jeans in gray, black, or a bolder option like rust red or forest green.

How to Find Denim That’s Right for You

Denim represents who we are. Once we find the right pair of jeans, we order two more, knowing that an investment in the perfect fit will last through fads, shaky economic downturns, and all that uncertain weather. Three, four, even five different colors mean different looks, different hues, different “yous.” You can wear these cherished pairs of jeans for years and years without thinking twice about whether or not they’ll go out of style. They’re evergreen. They’re trendy without falling victim to fads. Jeans are never not a great option. Don’t be afraid to work your way up to full denim outfits by always keeping multiple denim pieces in your closet.

A great approach is to remember that all denim is not created equal. Some weaves contain lots of stretch factor, and others retain some of that characteristic stiffness. Find denim that works best for your body and comfort level. Nothing is worse than an uncomfy pair of jeans, and with all the options out there, there’s no reason to spend all day wondering why you picked them out that morning. Sometimes it takes time to find the denim that works best, but it’s worth it. Feeling comfortable and confident in your jeans is the first step to creating a personal style that’s “you” and no one else.

The Jean Jacket

A well-fitting denim jacket makes you feel inspired and sleek in a structured, slimming look. It is a look that allows for creative flair when pairing it with a fun vintage shirt underneath, the pins you stick to the lapel or even the scarf you tie around your neck. A classic vintage wash in light blue will stand the test of time and complement any outfit. If you’re looking for something to take from day to night, a deep hue in indigo blue, dark gray, or rich black is sure to hit the right note. The best part? If you get hot, tying a denim jacket around your waist is always an option for a playful look.

Over time, denim has maintained a place in our closets and a nook in our hearts, and we love it even more than ever. Denim lasts. And the variety of styles, colors, and cuts continues to evolve. We love harmony, and we love a long-lasting, versatile wardrobe.

Some may call the denim combo a Canadian tuxedo, but this time around, it’s a modern, hip take on classic American style.


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