Swimwear Styles for Petites

The Best Swimsuits for Petite Body Types: Flattering Styles and Silhouettes

For petite women, swimsuit season often revolves around finding swimwear that fits their unique features. Picking out a flattering swimsuit for a petite body type is all about enhancing and elongating your legs and torso, while also letting you express your personal style. Sweeping curves and dramatic necklines can take your petite swimsuits to the next level and create the illusion of a little extra height.

Luckily, there are plenty of swim styles that cater to petite body types and shorter torsos, allowing you to leave ill-fitting one pieces in the past. Here are a few of our favorite womens swimsuits for petites this summer:

V-neck One Pieces

V-necks are classically flattering for petite body types, with their plunging neckline adding length to the torso and neck. They’re also versatile enough to flatter many body types, whether you’re curvy or slim. They draw attention upward, helping you add a bit of height to your poolside look. Go for a classic wrap-style v-neck, or look for cute adornments like ruffles, front ties, ruching, or beaded embellishments.

When paired with a traditional one-piece cut, v-neck styles create a timeless, chic silhouette. You can also easily layer a v-neck one piece with a wrap skirt or swim shorts, to add a bit more coverage while still giving you a stylish lift.

High Neck Swimsuits

If you want to show off your arms while still complementing your petite frame, consider a high neck swimsuit or a two-piece with a high neck tankini top. The lines of this silhouette direct the eye towards your shoulders and face. For a bit of extra flair, look for a high neck swimsuit that has a cutout in the bust area. This can give you the option to soak up a bit more sun while enjoying all the benefits of a high neck silhouette.

Halter Tops

Halter-style swim tops are the epitome of a stylish, summery look. The main benefit of a halter top is that you can completely adjust the neckline and strap length to fit your body. For petite women with a shorter torso, being able to adjust the fit of your swimwear is key to comfortable, stylish summer. Both one pieces and two pieces can come with a halter tie, so you’ll have a full range of styles and coverage available to you. Pick a thicker halter tie for more support, or opt for a spaghetti strap style that adds a sleek, slimming appearance.

High-Cut Swim Bottoms

A long-legged look isn’t just for tall women--with the right leg cut, even the most petite body types can have legs for days. Swimsuits with high-cut legs create an elongated appearance for your legs by showing off a bit more hip. This tricks the eye into thinking your legs start a bit higher on your body, creating elegant contours along your silhouette. You can pair high-cut legs with high-waisted bottoms or a one-piece to add a bit more coverage, or choose low-waisted bikini bottoms to show off the full length of your torso while still creating the illusion of height.

Off the Shoulder Tops

Showing off your shoulders creates visual interest around your neckline, attracting the eye upward for added height. Off-the-shoulder swim styles add a bit of chic intruige to your swim ensemble. You can select a tube-top style swim top, or pick one with a cute off-the-shoulder ruffle. When choosing an off-the-shoulder swim top, pay close attention to your measurements to ensure that it fits well. For extra support, you can opt for a swimsuit that pairs a peek-a-boo shoulder with spaghetti straps to keep the bust secure and in place.

One-Shoulder Swimsuits

One-shoulder silhouettes give the same fun energy as a full off-the-shoulder while also adding a dynamic asymmetrical silhouette. The sweeping diagonal movement of a one-shoulder swimsuit complements petite body types by generating visual movement. A one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit can add a bit of curve to your look, making them especially ideal for pear-shaped or rectangle body types.

Ruched Swim Dresses

With ruched swim dresses, petite women can enjoy modest swimwear while still flattering their shape. Ruching around the midsection adds movement and texture to a swim dress, breaking up the silhouette to help lengthen the torso. Even if you don’t need the slimming effect of tummy control swimsuits, the ruching adds visual detail that helps you look a bit taller while hanging out by the water.

Patterned Swim Suits

The right patterns can create all sorts of visual illusions, including making petite women look a little bit taller in their swimwear. Vertical stripes are the classic choice for elongating the body, making them a perfect pick for your next swimsuit. Gradients also add vertical movement that flatters petite body types.

Regardless of the style you choose, the most important thing is picking a suit that you love and feel comfortable in. There are many options when it comes to swimwear for petite women, from sleek basics to bold, funky silhouettes.


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