Best Swimwear For Your Backyard Kiddie Pool Party

Best Swimwear For Your Backyard Kiddie Pool Party

Shopping for a kid’s pool party? We’ve got you covered with a lineup of festive swimwear options for the whole family. These fantastic, family-friendly swim party options are sure to make a splash.

Soak Up the Sun

As the hostess with the mostess, it’s important to look and feel great at your kid’s pool party. Why not treat yourself to a new, fabulous bathing suit that shows off your best assets? Tankinis are all the rage this season. With styles ranging from revealing to complete coverage, you’ll not only feel confident, but you’ll be able to be active, too. Catch this season’s hottest styles with beautiful floral prints or opt to keep it classic with solid, bold colors. Mix and match to get the most of your summer season. What’s great about tankinis is younger children can grab and play all they want and you don’t have to worry about any revealing accidents.

Keep Covered

Sitting out in the sun all day takes its toll. Stave off the sun’s rays with a few key pieces of clothing that keep you covered and chic. Although your backyard pool party may not have sandy shores, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite beach cover-up to keep the suns rays at bay. Cover-ups look effortless and keep you cool while you continue to play in the sun. With UPF technology, it’s just like wearing sunscreen, but your skin doesn’t cook since thin fabric protects you. Pair with your favorite sun hat for a flawless look that screams “made in the shade.”

If you’re an active swimmer, but don’t want the wear and tear on your skin, try a rashguard. Rashguards, made famous by surfers across the globe, offer a swim-friendly, sun-protective shirt option. These shirts keep the sun’s rays at bay while you have full movement to swim and play. Ideal for kid’s pool parties where you’ll be in the water all day long.

Mix and Match

If you’re throwing a pool party bash with the whole family, why not choose outfits that match? It’s super-cute to dress up together. You don’t all need to wear matching bathing suits, but perhaps select a color scheme that lets you match as a family. Wearing similar colors lets you bond as a family while still showing off your style. Opt to choose a color or pattern of bathing suit the whole family will love. If your kids are older, consider letting your kiddos choose a color, pattern, or theme that they love. Then you can choose bathing suit styles the whole family will love. Talk about a festive vibe!

Express Their Interests

Choosing swimsuits for your children doesn’t need to be stressful. Today’s range of styles and offerings means you’ll find the perfect swimsuit for your kid’s big party. Girl’s swimsuits come in a variety of styles from cute little bikinis to one-pieces that are diaper friendly. Choose a style that suits your kid’s interest. Fun animal prints or a beautiful graphic of a flower are just a few of the cute ideas for kid’s swimwear.

For boys, there are a variety of options. Boys swim trunks come with graphics like sharks, sports, and more so your kid can embrace their favorite things.

Stay Put Swimwear

The best swimwear not only looks great but functions well, too. When you’re hosting a pool party, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothing. Feel confident and comfortable with a bathing suit that stays put. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving up delicious snacks or wrangling a bunch of toddlers in the kiddie pool, you can move with confidence.

When selecting the perfect swimsuit for a pool party, be sure to move around. Twist, bend, reach, stand, sit. How does the suit move? Are there gaps or snags? Any particular features that don’t make you feel like you? Then on to the next one! Search for swimwear that advertises stay-put styles suited for the active person. As a result, you’ll get the perfect party swimsuit that you’ll love.

Choosing the best swimwear for a backyard pool party isn’t rocket science. Go with an outfit that speaks to you and your family. Don’t forget to cover up from the sun’s rays and keep the party going with bathing suits that move with you. Have the pool party your kids have always wanted this year with select bathing suit styles for the whole family.

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