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Best Swimsuit that will Give you Extra Protection Against the Sun – UPF 50 Sun Protection Swimwear

Who doesn't love feeling the warm rays of a gorgeous summer day? For some of us, we can't get enough. While spending the afternoon basking in the radiating warmth, is quite delightful, especially after a cold winter, it's important to moderate sun exposure. Sunshine is great, but too much can damage your skin and contribute to premature aging. Luckily, it's entirely possible to enjoy the great outdoors safely so long as you protect yourself and your family from its harsh rays. Let's explore several ways to protect yourself from the sun.

Not only is everyone subject to sun damage when in full sun, but there are many reasons a person may be extra sensitive to sun exposure, including current medications, age, and complexion. No matter our skin color, we are all susceptible to sun damage, which is why everyone can benefit from protection.

UPF Clothing

This is where the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) clothing comes into play. UPF determines how much a material prevents UVB and UVA radiation (the sun's rays) from reaching your skin. UPF clothing will be your new best friend, protecting you and your family from the sun. Our sun-protective bathing suits are UPF 50, a rating that receives the Skin Cancer Foundation's Seal of Recommendation as excellent protection against the sun, as it blocks 98% of the sun's rays.

Absorption of Vitamin D from the sun's rays is healthy in the right quantities, but excess does more harm than good, which is why UPF-certified clothing is an asset to your wardrobe. Not only are the suits practical, but they're also stylish. You'll look cute out on the beach while staying sheltered. With sun-protective swimwear, you can have fun in the sun all day long.

Our swim collections, including men's, women's, and kid's bathing suits, are crafted with fabric that provides UPF 50 - the highest possible protection from the sun. By putting the kids in UPF clothing, you'll keep them protected at the ages when they are most vulnerable to sun damage. With family swimwear, the whole family will have a blast and stay safe doing so. Let's explore some of the clothing styles available.

Clothing Options

There are various UPF women's clothing items. It all comes down to what activities you'll be doing and what type of bathing suit feels best on you.

If you're looking for a classic beach look, the one-piece gives just the right amount of coverage with firming Slendertex® fabric that smooths and shapes. Alternatively, the tankini allows for alternative sizing and style from top to bottom for more versatility while providing the same full coverage as one-piece bathing suits. Mix and match two pieces for the perfect combination that shows off your style.

For water activities like kayaking, waterboarding, and sailing, board shorts and rash guards protect skin from rough board texture and the sun. Either is an excellent addition for active kids as well. While the kids stay in the sand building castles, rest assured that rash guards can cover a good part of them. Of course, sunscreen will be an essential addition to safeguard exposed skin - remember the tops of feet, hands, and ears, places that are easy to forget.

Protect Your Family from the Sun in Other Ways

There are a few other ways to minimize sun exposure. Seek or create shade to provide breaks from the sun for the kids especially. Bring an umbrella, sun tent, or canopy to the beach. Having the option of shelter will go a long way a few hours into the day.

With a shelter, you have a designated area to keep the chairs, cooler, and monogrammed beach towels, as well as an established nap spot. Carrying sunscreen and remembering to apply it will take care of the rest of your body. And we remember hats to cover the face. Falling asleep in direct sun is best avoided, as you can quickly become overexposed without realizing it while you're sleeping.

Your Fur Baby

If you are bringing the family dog to the beach, plan and be conscientious of how you will keep him at a comfortable temperature and watered and fed. If it is challenging to provide shade for him, consider leaving him at home and finding a dog sitter to take him out while you're living it up at the beach or lounging poolside.

While shopping for new swimsuits for the family, get something for your furry best friend! Dog supplies will come in handy while you're romping at the beach with your pup. An adorable doggie bandana will have him looking dapper.

Hydrate When Out in the Sun

A significant part of sun smarts includes staying hydrated. It's much easier to dehydrate when you're out and about playing in the sun. Bring a cooler with cold drinks to keep you and the kiddos temperature-regulated and happy. Bring some sandwiches and snacks, and you'll have a group of happy campers.


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