Swimsuit Styles that Flatter Petite Plus Women

Swimsuit Styles that Flatter Petite Plus Women

Looking for the perfect swimsuit involves a lot of considerations for every person, regardless of height or body shape. Since everyone is unique in their proportions and measurements, a swimsuit that flatters one person may not look the same on another. This rings true for regular, petite, plus, juniors sizes, and beyond.

When you're petite and plus-sized at the same time, you may wonder what “rules” you have to follow. The truth is that when there are so many swimsuit styles that professional stylists recommend for your shape and height, you won’t feel restricted at all. What are the swimsuit styles that look the best on petite plus-sized bodies? Here are some ideas — but don’t let yourself feel restricted by this list. If you see something you like, try it on. You never know what your next favorite swimsuit will be!

What Is Petite Plus?

In the fashion world, petite refers to any adult under 5’4? or 5’3?. It doesn’t refer to weight, so the sizes can range from XXS to extended. Plus sizes fluctuate depending on the brand you wear, but usually include sizes 18 and up or 1X-6X. So, when you're both under 5’4” and fall within these size ranges, you can proudly call yourself petite plus. Now, you can explore your bathing suit options with confidence.

Body Type: Another Consideration

To add to your swimsuit selection process, it’s important to consider that not all petite plus bodies are the same shape. You may have a full bust, small waist, and full hips as an hourglass figure. Or, you may have narrower shoulders and bust with larger hips as a pear. There's an endless spectrum of body times that may influence your swimsuit selection, so check out these tips but you may find that just trying on a couple different styles and sizes for yourself is the best route. The same principles apply to people in extended, regular, and tall size brackets. By shopping for your size, height, and body shape, you will find many flattering swimsuit styles that will make you want to book your next cruise stat!

Keep the Focus on Your Upper Half

When you're below 5’4”, you want a petite swimsuit to suit your frame. Luckily, these come in a gorgeous array of styles, colors, and patterns. Here are a couple examples of style options you won't want to overlook:

Elongate the Torso

Since many petite women have a shorter torso, you may be interested in a suit with an elongating effect on this area. You can achieve this look in quite a few ways.

  • Belted Swimsuit — A swimsuit with a belt creates a defined space to add more definition and height. The best possible style is a belt that sits right below the bust or high on the natural waist.
  • Vertical Prints — This doesn’t just have to be solid stripes, but it can be vertical floral prints or color block styles. Whether you want to wear a one-piece or swim shorts, vertical prints do the job.

Elongate the Legs

As a shorter woman, you may also seek to visually elongate your legs. There are subtle ways to create this effect. Here are some of the best styles to give you an inch or two to your leg length:

  • High-waisted bottoms — Anything that defines your natural waist is going to make your legs look like they start higher.
  • High-cut bikini bottoms — Pair these with a petite-plus top to give you the best support and figure enhancement.
  • High cut one-piece swimsuit — This isn’t just great for flattering your figure, but it’s great at adding more length to your legs.

Did you know that Lands’ End offers petite swimsuits? This makes it easy to shop confidently for your next favorite petite plus swimsuit! Which style are you going to try this season?


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