11 Swimsuit Styles That Can Elongate Your Torso

11 Swimsuit Styles That Can Elongate Your Torso

It’s swimsuit season, and we couldn’t be more excited. While everyone has swimsuits styles they prefer, it’s also good to wear swimwear that suits your body type so you can feel confident and comfortable all summer long. Whether you have a petite frame, a shorter torso, or want to make your torso look a little longer, there are definitely swimsuit styles that can help to elongate your torso. Here are our top swimsuit style picks that can give the appearance of a longer torso and lengthen your overall figure.

Mix and Match Two-Pieces

Two-pieces are best for those with a shorter torso. Showing your skin is a key way to create more visual space between top and bottom. A great way to do that is with a two-piece bathing suit. Rather than opting for matching bottoms and tops, which can create more congruence and therefore less visual space between top and bottom, instead mix and match your tops and bottoms. Light-colored bottoms and an interesting or eye-catching top will draw attention upward and help to give the appearance of a longer torso.

Underwire Tops

Not everyone loves this swimsuit style, but it is undoubtedly one of the best for elongating your torso. Anything that lifts your bust further off your torso will create more visual space through the middle. Enter the underwire swimsuit. The structure and wiring of this swimsuit style are designed to lift your bust, so you have support and shape. This lift that underwire suits offer is perfect for more petite or shorter torso women for creating the length in the torso they’re looking for.

Simple One-Piece

Choosing a well-fitted one-piece with high leg cuts and a neutral color, such as black, can offer a slimming and streamlined look to better elongate the torso. Women’s petite swimsuits are especially favorable for women who would love to wear a one-piece but don’t want to deal with sagging fabric in the middle.

Vertical Prints

Another tip for those who prefer the extra coverage of a one-piece or a tankini is to choose prints or designs that can help give the appearance of elongation. Vertical stripes or stripes up the sides of your torso will offer a streamlined look of length.

High-Neck Bikini Top

Anything that draws the attention up will create the appearance of length in the torso. Bikini tops with a higher neck cut will draw the eyes up along the body and make the torso look longer. If you don’t love a bikini, then opt for a tankini with a high neck or a halter-style top to draw more attention along the length of the body.

Low-Rise Bikini Bottoms Over High Rise

While high-waisted bikini bottoms are the retro look we all love, they’re not the best fit for those who want to elongate their torsos. Because the high-waisted look cuts your body off in the middle, it’s going to make your torso look even shorter. The more middle skin you show, the better for torso elongation. Instead, opt for a pair of low-rise bikini bottoms to create more space and the appearance of length.

High-Cut Legs Over Low-Cut Legs

What are high-leg cuts, you may ask? Basically, the leg cut of a swimsuit bottom is how high up the hips the cutout for your legs sits. Some leg cuts will go up toward the hip bones, which is a high-leg cut, while others will sit lower down nearer to the tops of the thighs, which is a low-leg cut. Low-leg cuts tend to shorten the figure of the wearer visually. On the other hand, high-leg cuts give the appearance of added length throughout the body and the torso and are the better choice for those looking to elongate their torsos.

No Underbust Details

Bandages, straps, frills, oh my! These under-bust details are certainly fun, but they will definitely make the torso look shorter. Ditch the under-bust embellishments if you’re looking for a swimsuit style that will elongate your torso. Instead, over-bust embellishments will help to draw the eyes upward and create more length in the torso.

Yes to One-Shoulder Styles

Speaking of over-bust embellishments, we love the one-shoulder look for women looking to lengthen their torsos. The asymmetrical look and length of the one-shoulder strap will bring the gaze upward and give the figure a more streamlined and longer look overall. One-shoulder styles look great on both two-piece and one-piece bathing suits. Not only does this style make your torso look longer, but it’s also super trendy this summer.

Cutout One-Pieces

For those determined to rock the one-piece but still want to elongate their torso, try a cutout one-piece instead of the classic solid swimsuit. The cutout will show more skin and make more visual space between the bottom part of your body and the top. This creative swimsuit style may seem daring, but it’s all the rage.

Halter Bikini Top

Halter bikini tops look good on just about everyone. This well-loved women’s bikini top is a great choice for helping to elongate the torso as it pulls the gaze upward in a streamlined way that will create more length through the whole figure.

If you’re just as excited for summer as we are and are looking for that perfect swimsuit that fits your figure and elongates your torso, then look no further. Try one of these styles for the perfect look and fit.


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