Maternity Swimsuits & Maternity Friendly Swimsuits

Modest Maternity Friendly Swimwear

Modest Maternity Friendly Swimwear

A swimsuit that’s as comfy as it is super cute and stylish is an absolute must for expecting mothers. Every woman who has ever been pregnant knows just how much hard work goes into a pregnancy. So if you have a baby on the way, you deserve the most comfortable, well-fitting maternity swimsuit! At Lands’ End, we are proud to offer the highest quality maternity swimsuits in a variety of styles.

What Kind of Bathing Suit Should You Wear When Pregnant?

Everyone has the personal preferences, but keep in mind, just because you're expecting doesn't mean you can't show off your unique style. Our selection of maternity swimsuits come in many styles, colors, patterns, and cuts. However, the biggest challenge most pregnant women face is finding swimwear (and clothes in general) that checks all the boxes, with maximum comfort being at the top of the list. A two-piece swimsuit with a loose, blouson tankini top is one of the most comfortable options for expecting mothers. A blouson tankini top can be worn with a variety of swim bottoms, including bikini bottoms, swim shorts, and swim skirts.

While a loose-fitting tankini top may seem like one of the more obvious go-to choices for pregnant women, some shoppers may be interested in other styles, such as a chic swim dress that can double as a beach cover-up while on dry land. The loose, flowy fit of a blouson tankini top or a swim dress strikes the perfect balance: you get a stylish, summery look and ultra-comfortable swimwear. Tankini-style women’s swim tops, swim dresses, and other swimwear styles come in different colors and prints, ranging from classic, neutral colors like black or red to bright, fun prints like floral, polka dots, and stripes.

Our selection of maternity friendly swimwear is made with high-quality materials designed to stretch and provide a flexible fit. Fabrics like spandex and nylon offer comfort, yet the material is durable enough to sustain lots of wear. Not only does our maternity friendly swimwear prioritize maximum comfort, but these pieces are also built with additional practical features. A UPF protective finish is built into the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about harmful UV rays affecting your skin under the garment. Many of our swimwear products have materials that are resistant to chlorine, sunscreen, sweat, and other debris, ensuring the color of the swimsuits won’t fade or deteriorate easily.

Shopping for maternity friendly bathing suits? Visit Lands’ End today to explore our selection of high-quality women’s maternity swimsuits and more swimwear products for everyone.