Swimsuit Essentials for Kids

Swimwear Essentials for Kids

As soon as the weather starts warming up, most of us start daydreaming about what activities we can plan for the family to get out in the sun and enjoy some time in the water. Whether you’re planning out a trip to the beach or walking to the neighborhood pool, it’s important to make sure everyone in the family is ready with the right essentials to enjoy playing in the water. Take a look at our must-have swimwear essentials for kids!

The Perfect Swimsuit

The first thing you’ll want to make sure everyone has is a swimsuit. This is going to vary from child to child, depending on their comfort level and personal preferences. Take some time to understand what different boys swimsuit and girls swimsuit options are available for your kids and help them find that perfect swimming suit!

One Piece

Girls one-piece swimsuits are an easy, go-to classic. One article of swimwear and they’re ready to jump in the water! One-piece swimsuits provide good coverage and are incredibly comfortable, making them a great option for your children. You’ll also find that they’re available in a variety of colors, cuts and designs, making it easy for you to find something that fits their personal style.


You can also consider a two-piece swimsuit! You can choose between a girls bikini or a girls tankini, whichever is going to be most comfortable for your child. The main difference between these two styles is that a bikini covers their chest, while a tankini covers their chest and midriff. Many find that it’s easier to put on a two-piece swimsuit than a one-piece swimsuit, so keep this in mind as you make your decision!

Swim Trunks

An easy go-to for kids is a good pair of swim trunks. They’re a simple yet durable pair of shorts and are available in a variety of styles. They’re made to be comfortable and easy to wear in the water. Keep in mind that swim trunks vary from board shorts. Swim trunks will fall above the knee, while board shorts hit at or below the knee. If you or your child has a preference on length, keep this in mind as you consider your options.

Protective Rash Guard

Something else you’ll want to consider for your child’s swimwear collection is a rash guard. These are especially great for water sports, such as surfing, boogie boarding, or body surfing, but they can really be worn during any kind of water play. They’re made with high-quality, protective materials making it easier to protect their skin from UV rays. Whether you need a boys rash guard or a girls rash guard set, this item is a must for many parents.

A Cover-Up

Want something your child can wear over their swimsuit while in transit to your water activities? A cover-up is a great way to go! Cover-ups provide comfortable coverage. They serve as a dress typically hitting at or above the knee. It all comes down to your child’s comfort level, so if they’re wanting a little extra coverage for the walk from the car to the pool, a cover-up is a great way to go. 

Water Shoes

Especially if you’re going to be playing in a swimming pool, water shoes are a serious must-have. You’ll find that some swimming pools have a rougher base, so in order to avoid any scratches on your child’s feet, simply get a pair of water shoes that they can wear while they play in the pool. Problem solved!

A Good Towel

While not necessarily a piece of swimwear, towels are something that you’ll need for every trip to the beach or pool. There’s just something about finishing your time playing in the water and then getting wrapped up in a big, soft towel. No matter where your water play takes place, beach towels are a great way to go for your kids. They’re typically a bit larger than the average bath towel, and are available in bright colors, making it fun for your kids to pick their towel before you take off for your day in the water.

So as you start to get geared up for summertime, set aside some time to take an inventory of your child’s swimwear and see if there are any pieces that need to be updated. A new swimsuit as the warm weather hits is so exciting for a child. Get them ready for those afternoons at the pool and days at the beach with all of the right swimwear essentials!


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