Surviving a Snow Day in your Pajamas

Surviving a snow day in your pajamas

When you’re a kid, nothing beats waking up on a snowy weekday morning to the glorious news that school has been cancelled. When you’re an adult, however, the occasional snow day at home can easily be considered less of a blessing and more of a frustration for all of the things you won’t be able to accomplish that day. This winter, channel your inner child and vow to do whatever it takes to have fun on your next mandatory snow day. Even if it means living in your pajamas – or something as comfy – for most of the day. Check out our suggestions for a few snow day activities sure to make you feel like a kid again.

Have breakfast in bed.

Why leave the warm, cozy comfort of your bed in the morning if you don’t have to? Turn off the snooze and catch a little extra shuteye on this bonus day off. Enjoy waking up slowly in your soft and smooth Supima® cotton nightgown. Then make the executive decision to take your breakfast in bed while you catch up on bad reality television (and the morning news).

Read a book.

There’s no rush to get dressed this wintery day. Slow things down on your day off and curl up in front of the fire in your warm flannel pajamas with a throw blanket on your lap and a good book driving your imagination. If it’s been a while since you’ve let yourself just sit and read then you’re in for a treat. Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly look up and realize you haven’t moved in hours. Because that’s totally going to happen.

Bake some cookies.

Heat things up in your kitchen by whipping up some homemade treats. Roll up those button cuffed sleeves on your favorite women's flannel shirt and shuffle to the kitchen in your lush suede moc slippers for a little baking action. Don’t worry about getting flour on your Starfish leggings, because they’re totally machine washable. If baking isn’t your thing or just more work than you’re looking for, put some store-bought cookies on a plate and let everyone think you made them from scratch. We won’t tell.

Play in the snow.

If you’re really going to act like a kid again this snow day, you have to make it outside at some point to frolic in the white stuff. Throw on your trusty snow pants, or wear your flannel pajama pants under your jeans. Grab your Squall Parka for ultimate coverage before getting waist deep in a snowball fight with some kid – doesn’t have to be yours. Have fun building snow forts, ice skating and sledding down your neighbor’s lawn before wrestling your crew back in doors for some much needed hot cocoa. Just remember to do adult-you a favor and leave your slushy snow boots by the door.

Take advantage of the occasional snow day this winter to slow down and have fun. After all, the work will still be there when the snow melts.


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