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Summer wardrobe essentials for women in their 70s

Summer is here, and it's time to put the sweaters, tall boots, and jeans away and break out the beachwear and lightweight clothes. Summer is a great time to travel, visit with the grandkids, and enjoy time at the beach.

Women of all ages, including women in their 70s, love to dress in a stylish and fashionable way. With so many creative fashion designers who specialize in chic clothing for mature women, building your summer wardrobe has never been easier. Here are a few helpful suggestions on summer essentials that will give you a timeless yet fashionable look all summer long.

Wide-legged linen pants

A very stylish summer essential for women in their 70s is wide-legged and high-waisted linen or cotton pants. While many styles of wide-legged pants are available, you may want to opt for ones that flow from your hips to your ankles for a classic feminine look. When choosing a color, you can never go wrong with white or light gray wide-legged pants. Linen pants with subtle vertical stripes give the illusion of long legs, and they look gorgeous with flowing tunic tops made from silk in pastel shades and hues.

Flowing tunic tops

Tunics are one of the best fashion pieces a woman in her 70s can own. The hemline is generally longer than regular blouses, which is great for covering up any tummy bulges and creating a streamlined silhouette. Tunic tops for summertime should be made from material that flows nicely around your hips. To spice things up, choose bold colors, patterns, and asymmetrical hemlines.

Wrap dress

Dresses are perfect to wear during the warm summer months, and nothing beats a wrap dress. This style is perfect for travel, vacations, and everyday wear. The beauty of wearing a wrap dress is its adjustability. Most of the styles feature a tie that can be tightened or loosened as needed. For elegant or evening attire, choose a wrap dress with a satiny material in a jewel-tone color. For casual day time wear, choose a floral print made from lightweight linen.

Kimono style wrap

Kimono wraps are elegant and feminine, and they are the perfect way to keep the chill off of your body when the evening breeze picks up. For women in their 70s, having longer outwear creates a flattering look, and the silky fabric of the kimono style can elevate any outfit. Kimonos look gorgeous when worn with wide-legged linen pants, and they can even be used as a beach coverup. Pick several styles and colors to wear with multiple outfits.

Swim dress

By the time most women are in their 70s, they have put away their two-piece swimsuits. However, if you would like to wear something a bit more flattering and exciting than just a shapeless one-piece, choose a swim dress. This style of bathing suit has a cute skirt attached to the bottom portion of the suit. Swim dresses provide a bit more coverage for your backside and upper thigh while giving you plenty of freedom to swim and play with the grandkids on the beach. Swim dresses are not only functional but also fun and beautiful.

Sun Hat

Keeping the sun off of your face, neck, and scalp is crucial during the summer. Women in their 70s are very conscious about reducing sun exposure and sun damage to their skin, and one of the best ways to do that is by wearing a sun hat. You can look quite fashionable when you pick the right style of hat. A sun hat can even showcase your unique personality. Colorful straw hats that have a shape to the brim are great when you are by the water. Fedora styles create a classic and timeless look, and all hats look festive when accessorized with ribbons, hat bands, bows, or embroidery.

Lightweight comfort flats

Wearing shoes in the summer is often challenging if you want to keep your feet cool and your toes covered while still looking stylish. Lightweight comfort flats are a great option to wear, as they are comfortable and look great with most outfits. They come in a variety of styles and colors that you can mix and match throughout the summer depending on what you are wearing. Be sure to pick a pair of flats that have fairly solid soles to help ensure stable footing when walking on uneven terrain.

Enjoy shopping this season for the best styles that will flatter your body shape. These summer wardrobe essentials for women in their 70s are beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and you will want to wear them every day throughout the warm months. Use these basic essentials as the foundation for building your summer wardrobe, then add some fun pieces of jewelry, a couple of colorful handbags, and a fashion scarf or two so you will have a closet full of wonderful summer pieces to wear all season long.


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