Summer Vacation Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

Summer Vacation Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

Summer is full of seasonal activities that make it special. From backyard BBQs to pool parties to simply soaking up the sun on neighborhood walks, many of us can't get enough of this magical time of year. For most of us, we're no longer at an age where we can have completely carefree summers like we did as kids, but that doesn't mean we can't carve out the time to embrace all that summer has to offer.

That's where summer vacation comes in. Whether that means taking a journey via plane and getting a new passport stamp or going on a road trip for a long weekend, it's key to take some time off to relax, explore, and have fun in the summer months. And who better to do that with than your best friend?

Sure, family trips or trips with your romantic partner might feel like the obvious choice, but few things can beat a bestie vacation. While doing anything with your best friend can feel like a treat, the ideas below are guaranteed to make for the best summer vacation ever.

Plan a Beach Weekend

Heading out on a blissful beach trip can be the ideal summer vacation. If you and your best friend live in a coastal area, you should still go all out and rent a place on the shore or by the boardwalk. Even if you have beach access close to home, you can still make the time extra special and plan to spend as much time as possible lounging in the surf by rocking sun protective swimwear for all-day fun. Opting for swimwear with UPF protection can make all the difference when it comes to sun safety — no one has time for a bad burn or any skin-related stress on a beach vacay.

If you don't live near the ocean, simply find a beach town you and your best friend can drive to, take a flight to, and pack your women's weekender bags accordingly. Don't forget to make room in your bag for a beach cover-up you can wear between dips or at beachside restaurants, a summer read, and a packable hat.

Explore Nature on a Camping Trip

If you and your best friend are both into being in the great outdoors, then a summer camping trip might be the perfect vacation for you. Keep in mind that campsites fill up quickly in the summer, so be sure to coordinate with your bestie and book a site in advance.

You'll also want to do a fair amount of planning to know exactly who is bringing what. Camping is the most fun when you have all of the gear, food, and beverages you need for an epic weekend. Make sure you have a list going so you two don't get caught out there without a necessity, like a lantern, pots and pans, and the right amount of water.

That also extends to your personal packing list. Camping is such a great vacation idea because you can plan to rock a mix of casual tops during the day and loungewear in the evening. Be sure to bring along several women's summer shirts in easy materials, like breezy cotton or moisture-wicking UPF fabrics. In terms of bottoms, opt for quick-drying shorts for day hikes and your favorite outdoorsy lounge pants for making s'mores by the fire.

Vacation at the Vineyards

Another idyllic summer vacation idea for you and your best friend is definitely a wine-tasting weekend. Of course, if you two don't drink or don't enjoy wine, then this won't be the option for you. But, if it is something you both enjoy, then nothing quite beats a weekend spent staying in beautiful wine country. To plan for this trip, pick a few vineyards in advance you want to visit and book a fun place to stay in the vicinity. You can also usually book car services to take you between your accommodations and the wineries so you can enjoy the days safely.

This is the perfect weekend opportunity to debut your most stylish summer looks, so be sure to plan a few outfits. Packing a few maxi dresses for women, a foldable sun hat, your favorite sunglasses, and your best strappy sandals will you have vineyard-ready all vacation long.

Find Excitement in a New City

If you and your bestie both prefer nice restaurants, museums, and the general hustle and bustle, then booking a flight to a new city might be the move for you. Perhaps you have some cities in the States you've both always dreamed of exploring or simply want to have a great time out and about in a bustling place like New Orleans or Austin. Or if you both have a city abroad that's been on your list forever and a serious travel bug you want to itch, this summer could finally be the time you take an international trip with your best friend to Barcelona or Paris.

Whether you opt for a new city closer to home or want to go all out somewhere abroad, be sure to bring your most comfortable trendy outfits, like a pair of wide-leg or straight-leg jeans with a nice short-sleeve button-up top and your best accessories. Cities anywhere are all about keeping it fashionable, and the climate you're traveling to will also determine what to pack.

From the beach to the trailhead and from wine country to a new country, you're guaranteed to have the best time with your best pal!


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