Summer Style Guide for Her

Summer Style Guide for Her

Ah… summer! Some of us wait all year for it! Who doesn’t love summer weather, summer activities, and summer fashion? Let’s look at summer styles that will keep you looking and feeling cool and comfy.

Summer Essentials

Summer essentials you will want to include in your wardrobe are a great shirt dress, tank tops, shorts, capris, summer blouses, T-shirts, jeans, at least one pair of dress pants, and at least one great pair of sandals. When in doubt, go for neutral bottoms, as you can wear them with either neutral or colored tops.

A closet clean-out is a smart way to learn what summer essentials you already have and which ones you will want to add. If you enjoy a minimalist vibe in your wardrobe (or just like everything to be organized), start by sorting all your summer clothes into four piles: “keep,” “give away,” “needs mending or stain repair,” and “not sure.” Scoop the “giveaway” pile into boxes or bags and get them out of your bedroom. Do the same thing with the “needs mending or stain repair” pile, except put it in a separate space, perhaps near your washing machine and dryer. Make space in your nice clean closet and dresser, and put the “keep” items where you can easily access them. If you don’t feel like going through the “not sure” pile right away, that’s fine. Just don’t put them back in the “active” sections of your closet or dresser. You want to see all the great clothes you love when you look in there.

Natural Fabrics

To stay stylish and comfy, make sure to have plenty of natural fabrics in your summer wardrobe. Cotton, silk, and linen are great choices because they not only make beautiful clothes but also breathe. Few things are as comfy as pulling on your favorite women’s cotton tank top and cotton shorts and heading out the door on a hot summer day.

Linen is a lovely choice for summer clothing. When planning your smart casual clothing, consider linen pants, linen tops, and linen jackets. Linen does wrinkle, but its beauty is worth a bit of extra care. Silk is also a fabric everyone should treat themselves to at least once in a while. In addition to being wonderfully soft next to your skin, silk has the amazing ability to keep you comfortably cool or warm, depending upon the weather and climate control. And, of course, there are few clothing items as iconic as a classic silk blouse. It's a wardrobe staple you can wear for years to come.

Loose Clothing

We don’t have anything against a bodycon dress if that is your taste, but make sure some of your summer clothing has a looser fit than you might opt for in colder months. A layer of air between you and your clothes can make a huge difference in staying comfy in the hot summer months. Maxi dresses are a great way to go for a beautiful and breezy look for summer. Consider oversized T-shirts and wide-legged pants for the same effect. If you prefer fitted skirts, an A-line cut will give you a fitted waist while still creating a flowy look and feel that will keep you cool.

Light-colored Clothing

Summer and light-colored clothing just go together! Make sure to have a white T-shirt and a women’s white blouse in your summer wardrobe. Other light colors great for summer include ivory, stone, tan, and all things pastel.

Keeping white clothing white can take a bit of effort. It’s a great idea to take two approaches to this one. First, only wear your best white clothing to places where you are likely to keep it white (no spaghetti dinners!). Second, when you find just the right white garment, consider buying two—this is especially useful for classic white T-shirts. Some brands and sizes just work better, so when you make the perfect find, put one in with the wardrobe that you currently wear and keep one in waiting. That way, when you end up with a stain you just can’t get out (life happens!), you can pull the other one out and enjoy wearing it.

Something Playful

Summer is the perfect time for playful clothing and accessories! In all but the most formal settings, the vibe is a bit more casual in the summer. Whether you wear that fun tie-dyed women’s T-shirt, a cute tankini in a stunning color, or a blouse with an unusual pattern to it, summer clothes should be a bit playful. Add some fun jewelry you spotted at a jewelry store, a consignment shop, or perhaps from an artisan online, too! Sunglasses and hats can make great fun accessories—and keep you sun safe while staying stylish.

With a bit of intention, you can add to the clothes that you already have and end up with a fabulous summer wardrobe. Enjoy looking and feeling great in your clothes!


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