Summer Shopping: Quirky Summer Fashions to Have Fun With!

Summer Shopping: Quirky Summer Fashions to Have Fun With!

Summer fashion should be fun! It’s that time of the year when both the mercury goes up, and the styles get more casual. What could be better? Let’s look at some quirky summer fashions to consider.


Crochet is a mini-trend this summer that is popping up in all kinds of ways. There are crocheted beach cover-ups, crocheted women’s dresses, and crocheted crop tops, just to name a few. Many crocheted garments have a top layer of crochet with a layer of the same shade of fabric underneath. This gives them an opaque look with a beautiful texture.

Crocheted cutouts are also popular with crocheted sleeves, peek-a-boo backs, or décolletage. Neutral colors are a lovely choice for crochet as you already have greater visual interest because of the added texture. You can layer same-color garments while adding individuality and style this way.

Eyelet Embroidery

This classic is back with a twist. Eyelet has always been light and summery. This season it has been spotted in dresses, skirts, and women’s blouses, not just as a fabric for the entire garment but also as a highlight fabric in cutouts surrounded by solid fabrics.

White eyelet is probably the most classic choice (and is great for summer!), but eyelet has also been seen in pastels and brights this season. It can create instant visual interest by being an unexpected fabric, especially in colors other than white.


Pink may not be quirky in and of itself, but it seems to be everywhere this summer! If you’re looking for something fun and out of the ordinary, no doubt you’ll be able to find it in many shades of pink. Consider a pink purse or sandals with pink decorations. Pink is also a great color for a fun cardigan or jacket. Short sets are also a trend right now. Why not try a set in your favorite shade of pink? Pastel or bright, it is a fun summer color. Short sets are practical, too, because you can split them up and wear the shorts and tops as separates with other garments if you like.

Tennis Skirts

Tennis anyone (or not)? Women’s activewear can be worn almost everywhere these days, and tennis skirts are having a moment. Most tennis skirts are designed for exercise, so they allow you to move while also giving you coverage. Although on the shorter side of skirts, these are not your micro-minis.

White is a classic for tennis, and it works beautifully for summer. White is a neutral that will go with everything, and it has the added appeal for summer of a crisp and cool look and feel. Many tennis skirts are pleated, which is a great look. Athletic skirts have continued to evolve, just like all activewear; however, some tennis or golf skirts have a straighter silhouette. They can also be made from fabrics from cool cotton to high-tech synthetics that wick away perspiration.

Fun Sandals

What is summer without a fun pair of sandals? Brights or pastels, flats, wedges, or heels, smooth or woven, embellished with beads or baubles? The choices are endless (just like summer should feel). Summer sandals are one of the most fun ways to add a quirky touch to your wardrobe. A neutral shirt dress with quirky sandals is a fun summer look!

Unless you plan to sit by a pool and just look great (which is a fine summer goal, btw), make sure that your sandals are good for walking. Usually, the better quality the sandal, the easier it will be for walking. With that said, if a cute little number at a discount store strikes your fancy, go for it! Just test them out before planning to wear them when there are miles on your agenda.

Artisan Jewelry

Whether you go for the full custom-made artisan jewelry or the more accessible art fair or online jewelry experience, unique pieces are great fun. Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to bring new colors to an outfit (and to experiment with colors that you might not want in huge swaths of fabric). For a stylish and fun look, don your favorite women’s jeans and women’s white blouse, a cute pair of sandals, and your new jewelry.

Are you crafty? DIY some jewelry this summer! Whether you like macramé, beading, or another fun form of jewelry making, this can be a fun way to express yourself and create a new accessory at the same time. If you have crafty friends, consider a jewelry-making night—many arts and crafts stores have classes available. This is also a great idea for a birthday party, a girls’ night out, or an activity with your daughter or niece (and their friends!) on a rainy summer day.

Have fun with some quirky summer fashions!


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