Summer Night Outfits for Men

Summer Night Outfits for Men

A summer night can be a pretty magical time. There are so many wonderful activities to enjoy in the summer, and you want to be dressed for success. Whether it’s a hot, humid night full of stargazing and firefly catching or a cool, crisp night by the campfire in the backyard, there’s always loads of fun in store.

These nights always make for great memories. It could be a romantic evening in the park or watching a beach sunset or a guys’ night out at the ballpark or bar. Maybe it’s family time spent with the kids. Whatever your summer night entails, you’ll want to have the best outfit for every occasion, no matter the weather the summer has in store. For the summer, prioritize comfort and staying cool on even the hottest nights while still emphasizing looking good. Here are some great summer night outfit must-haves for men.

Short-Sleeve Button-Down and Jeans

There’s something sneaky about a short-sleeve button-up. It feels comfortable and casual but can easily be adapted to look dressier for a night out. For the summer nights, a men's button-down shirt is a great fit as it can be as simple or snazzy as you need. In a variety of patterns (think Hawaiian for a fun summer style), colors, and prints, this shirt will become the style staple of your summer! It can be worn open over T-shirts or tank tops or buttoned up for a classic look. It’ll keep you cool and fresh on even the hottest summer nights.

Long sleeves can also be rolled up for warmer nights or tucked into pants for an instant outfit boost. Got a dressier event to attend, like a date, baby shower, or work meeting? Throw on a light suit jacket or blazer to elevate the look! For more casual occasions, a denim jacket is a great option as well. Rainy days? A light rain jacket or trench coat will fit nicely with this getup. Pair button-downs with jeans or chinos depending on your occasion, and this perfectly casual outfit will keep you looking great and feeling great, too.

Comfy T-Shirt With Jeans or Cargo Shorts

Another great summer option is a classic men’s T-shirt with jeans for a comfortable, casual outfit you’ll wear through rain, sun, and sleep this summer. Plain-colored T-shirts are great for matching other patterns, while fun graphic tees show off your personality with bands, movies, and other interests you can showcase. Don’t be afraid to personalize your style! The best part is a cotton T-shirt will keep you cool even when the summer heat is sweltering. Even if you get a little sweaty, your fabric will breathe and keep things airy and comfortable. There’s a T-shirt that matches every person and every outfit. With jeans or cargo shorts (depending on the occasion), you’ll stay comfortable through any casual evening this season. Let your personality shine through, and rock your favorite tees all summer long!

Lightweight Suit

For fancier summer nights, look sharp in a lightweight suit. A men’s blazer or sports coat can take your chinos or slacks to the next level. If you’re dressing up for a wedding, engagement party, or other fancier summer event, a blazer can take what you already have at home from casual to classy. If you don’t have a full matching suit that’s light enough to stay cool in the summer sun, wear a light blazer with a button-down and slacks, and you’ll be stylish and set for any outdoor summer event. Gray is a great color option for the summer as black can attract a lot of rays and soak up heat that makes you warmer. On a sunny day that’s pushing 90 degrees, you won’t want to be soaking up all those rays, and gray tones will be much more comfortable than black! With a nice belt and tie, this suit is the perfect thing for your summer nights that require just a little more dressing up than usual.

Classic Khakis

Another thing you can’t do without this summer is a great pair of classic khakis. Men’s khaki pants are casual enough for summer evenings in the park while also being dressy enough for family outings or Easter church service. Like jeans, khakis pair well with button-downs and T-shirts, and even with blazers for a preppy feel. Whether you’re at the beach wearing sandals, out at a park ball game in sneakers, or heading out to a wedding in your best dress shoes, your khakis will match whatever you need with the proper styling.

Whatever you’re up to on your summer nights, these summer outfits go beyond comfortable and casual: They’re stylish too! With a few staple pieces in light, breathable fabrics, you can build great outfits all season long! No matter the occasion, your summer nights will be set. Whether you’re staving off the heat on hot, humid evenings or dancing the night away at a summer wedding, you can look and feel your best with these great outfit ideas. Stay cool this season and have a great summer!


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