Summer Must-Haves for the Big and Tall

Summer Must-Haves for the Big and Tall

What's your favorite thing about summer? Is it your annual camping trip that you take with your buddies, or is it hosting epic backyard BBQs throughout the season? Or is it the beach days and pool parties, or the weekends at the shore? No matter what gets you the most excited about summer, having the right clothes in your wardrobe rotation is essential. After all, clothes that make you feel confident, keep you comfortable no matter the occasion, and that you look as great as you feel in are key for enjoying the season.

If you're a guy who rocks big and tall sizes, you likely already know the importance of finding clothes that fit properly, with the right measurements, design features, and details for your body type. When it comes to building out your warm-weather wardrobe, there are a few essentials that every big and tall man needs on hand. Read on for some summer-must haves that'll fit just right, so you can focus on getting the activities you love, like perfecting your cannonball, catching some waves, or grilling up some goodness at your next backyard bash.

A Comfortable Pair of Swim Trunks

Summer simply wouldn’t feel like summer without a beach day, a weekend at the shore, a camping trip by your favorite lake, or a pool party or two. Whatever your summer vibe is, this tends to be the season that most of us really make use of our swimwear. So, first up on our list is a pair of men's big and tall swim trunks.

Having a pair of comfortable swim trunks that fit just right is a summer must-have. Go for a fun print, like a vibrant tropical pattern, or go for something more neutral, like a solid navy or classic black shade. Look for a pair of trunks with a comfortable adjustable waistband and a snap enclosure, so these will stay in place while you dive, surf, splash, swim laps, or show off on the diving board. Beyond that, make sure you pick a pair that has your measurements in mind, with inseams designed specifically with big and tall sizing in mind, and other practical details like sun-safe UPF 50 fabrics.

A Practical Rash Guard Swim Tee

Speaking of practical, if you don’t already have a swim tee, this can be an absolute game changer for you this season. A swim tee, like a men's rash guard, will help protect you and your skin from harmful UV rays. The right swim tee rash guard will provide protection from sunburns or sun damage without restricting your movement, making this the perfect addition to a day at the pool or ocean.

Rash guard swim tees are also a must-have if you like to surf, boogie board, or enjoy spending summer days out on a boat or kayak. Since these flexible tees transition so easily from the water to dry land and back to the water again, finding a swim tee designed for big and tall men will likely become a summer essential.

A Breathable Tee Shirt

Of course, most of us don’t get to spend the entire summer by or in the water (sigh!), which is why it’s also essential to have a few comfy big and tall tee shirts in your summer rotation.

Find the tee that fits just right, with big and tall sizing for maximum comfort. Once you find your perfect fit, snag a few of the tees in your favorite summer shades, like tropical orange or versatile teal. The perfect summer T-shirt will be airy and breathable, making it an easy choice for everyday wear during the hotter months. Go for short sleeves and a classic crewneck neckline, or spice it up with a flattering V-neck. A super soft, breezy, and breathable tee is a must for everyday wear in the summertime.

A Pair of Lightweight Chino Shorts

Picture this: you’ve just had a great day in the water, making use of your new favorite swim trunks, and you’re heading back to the beach cottage you’ve rented for the weekend to get ready for lunch at that nice beachside restaurant you and your travel companion spotted on your way into town.

You want to be able to change into an outfit that’s flattering yet effortless—there’s no time to waste when you’re enjoying a summer getaway—and that’s where a pair of no-iron chino shorts come in. Lightweight chino shorts are a great choice when it comes to big and tall short, and are definitely a must-have for any big and tall guy.

Chino shorts are as comfy and lightweight as your go-to mesh lounge shorts, but with details that make these snazzy enough for beachside dining. Pair with a summery short sleeve big and tall dress shirt and voila! You’ve got a vacation-ready look that’ll look great on you, without any effort at all.

With these stylish yet comfortable big and tall essentials in your summer rotation, you can focus on the fun parts of the season. From vacation clothing to everyday warm-weather wear, you’ll be set all season long with these must-haves.


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