8 Summer Hats to Keep You Stylish All Season

Summer is almost here, and so are days filled with brilliant sunshine and warm weather. It’s time to put away those wooly hats and pull out your favorite summer hats to keep you cool and stylish all season. Sun on your face feels great and all, but you want to be sure that you protect your tender skin from strong and damaging UV rays when enjoying the great outdoors this season. The wondrous thing about summer hats is that they’re equally practical as they are stylish. Fabulous and functional, a set of lovely summer hats are going to be your summer staple this season. From straw hats to visors, we’ve selected the best styles of summer hats to have you shielding your face in style.

Straw Hat

From days in the garden to afternoons at the beach, coffee in town, or a daytime soiree, a good straw hat can take you just about anywhere. Straw hats are amazingly versatile while also being lightweight. Perfect for hot weather and just about any summertime activity, straw hats are a must-have for your summer season look. Straw hats also come in just about every shape, style, size, and even color. Wear with a cotton summer dress for an effortless and flawless summer look. Or wear with a pair of distressed jeans and a crop top for a cute and fun look that will leave you looking perfectly relaxed for summer.

Rancher Hat

Rancher hats are a cool and suave choice of summer hat that is endlessly practical and stylish. Channel your inner cowgirl vibes with a stylish rancher hat that adds a cool dimension to any outfit. Rancher hats are often made from wool or felt, making them as great a choice for a drizzly day. These stylish hats pair well with just about anything. Wear with a pair of high-waisted pants and a loose-fitted button-up blouse for a classic look that will take you from the afternoon into the evening. The rancher hat is the perfect choice for those looking to feel stylish, shield their face, and add an endearing Western twist to whatever they’re wearing.

Panama Hat

The classic Panama hat offers a seamless luxurious feel to anyone who wears it. Famous for its perfect shape, luminous white color, and traditional black band, the Panama hat is a style statement anyone will recognize. Panama hats are traditional summer hats that are typically woven from the toquilla palm in Ecuador. These exotic and breathable fedora-style hats make the perfect summer hat that will protect your face while keeping you looking suave. These hats can be casual but also offer the wearer a dressier feel. Wear with a summer dress and sandals for a chic everyday look.


Visors are a great choice for summer because of how practical and versatile they are. Not just for golfing grannies, visors are back as a cool and practical alternative to a full-on sun hat. Choose from just about any material, color, or size. These summer hats are great because you can easily toss them in your bag and bring them anywhere with you. For beach or pool days, bring along a cotton visor to wear with your swimsuit while enjoying the water. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet!

Bucket Hat

Like the visor, bucket hats are perfect for throwing in your beach bag and taking along for the ride. Easy to put on when lying in the sun or swimming and easy to pop back into your bag when you’re done. Choose a material such as cotton or mesh to be sure your bucket hat can get wet and fold up easily to fit into your bag. Bucket hats are also perfect for garden or yard work because they’re easy to wash when dirty.

Baseball Hat

This classic American style of hat is just that, a classic! Baseball hats are the classic and easy daytime hats to wear just about anywhere. Perfect for wearing while hanging out in the backyard, attending a pool party, going on a hike, or BBQing with friends, baseball hats are timeless and practical. Honor the classic all-American look by wearing your favorite baseball hat with a pair of khaki shorts and a women’s polo shirt for a summer day outside.

Safari Hat

Safari hats are the ultimate practical summer hat. But just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Safari hats are often jam-packed with special features that make them perfect for days out in the summer sun. Moisture-wicking, breathable, UV protective, packable, and maybe even with pockets, safari hats are perfect for spending summer outdoors. Ideal for keeping away the bugs, keeping off the sun, and keeping you dry, a good safari hat should be in everyone’s summer wardrobe. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to find the hat that is best for you.

The Statement Hat

A statement hat is the kind of summer hat that makes your whole outfit. Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Wide brims, ribbons, bows, and everything totally extra, statement hats are the perfect summer hat for protecting your face while exuding elegance and grace. Wear with a fit and flare dress for the ultimate chic and elegant summer look.

Summer hats are just one of those timeless wardrobe pieces that everyone should own at least a few of. Protect your face and look stylish this summer season with these summer hat styles.


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