Summer Dresses You Can Wear to Work

Summer Dresses You Can Wear to Work

There’s nothing like a great dress on a warm summer day. Dresses are easy, versatile, and easily adapt to any occasion, simple or dressy. On a hot day, the more comfortable you feel in your clothes will make all the difference, especially on a busy workday. It’s hard to find the perfect dress that fits your life, let alone your place of business, but the right dresses can be worn everywhere: even at work! Need a little help on what dresses and styles you can rock at work? With some simple accessorizing, your favorite summer dress will become your favorite business look. Here are a few summer dresses you can wear to work.

Cotton Shirt Dresses

A cotton shirt dress is a comfortable, classic staple that you’ll turn to all year long. In a variety of sleeve lengths and colors, a button-up shirt dress can be styled for any workplace. Shirt dresses are light and comfortable and breathable fabrics like cotton will keep you cool on even the hottest summer office days. If you’re working in a building with heavy air conditioning, opt for a longer sleeve and dress length. Don’t go too high above the knee, though; keep things professional! You can also add a layer with a blazer and belt a looser, boxier shirt to accentuate your figure. If you’re going to Happy Hour with coworkers or heading out for a date after work, this dress will also transition well to night! Dress it down with a denim jacket and flats or sneakers and a hoodie for less formal summer evenings.

Black Dresses

Every woman knows that a little black dress is the perfect outfit for any setting. For the workplace, choose a longer length and a T-shirt or longer-sleeve cut. A black polo-style dress in a knee-length is a great summer workplace standard. Black is sleek and bold and can be accessorized in any direction. It’s a strong and assertive color, but it can be lightened and livened with jewelry, shoes, and layers. In black, you’ll look serious and professional, and as an added bonus, black clothing gives you a slimming boost. Everyone looks great in a black dress, no matter the body type. Stick to simplicity for this one! When something is a classic, it just works. A great black dress is no exception.

Flowing Florals

A long, layered maxi dress with a fun floral print is a great workplace option. A light and flowing fabric will keep you cool on hot days while still giving you a lot of coverage and support. Maxi dresses pair great with sandals and wedges for a sweet and easy summer office look. A bold fabric will show off your personality, and flowers are a great print for the spring and summer seasons.

If florals aren’t your favorite, maxi dresses in other bold patterns or simpler colors can also be adapted easily for the workplace. Find the one that matches your personality, but don’t go too long! You’ll need a length that will allow you to work comfortably and move around the office without tripping over it! Once you find the right maxi dress for you, add your chosen layers. While pretty casual on its own, a cardigan, blazer, or light sweater will take this outfit to the business professional level while still keeping you comfortable in the heat. A maxi dress is a fresh and fun outfit that can be as professional as any business dress with the right styling.

Modest Dresses

Not sure where to start with work dresses? Think modest. An office can be like seeing your grandmother or going to a church service; you want to look nice and put together while also being comfortable enough to sit for long periods of time. A modest dress is the safest choice for any workplace. Modest dresses offer the right amount of length and coverage for the office while still being cute and comfortable to wear. In many styles and colors, the right modest dress will become a fashionable favorite for long summer days at the office.

Keep Things Professional

The main priority is to keep your clothing professional when it comes to the office. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is the right dress for work and what is not. This depends on your office and dress code. You can usually get the feel of a workplace in the first few weeks, so if your office is a business casual one, you don’t want to show up wearing shorts. When in doubt, wear what’s comfortable and professional. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed for work, and light layers or a cardigan can have you ready to adapt to any work environment. In general, a few easy rules should be followed to keep things professional for the workplace. Remember to keep skirts in minimum knee lengths (the safest bet is midi or longer), minimal cleavage, and longer sleeves or tank tops under other layers for optimal coverage. Pay attention to the fabrics and cuts of shirts and blouses, and avoid low-cut or tight-fitting tops. You want to feel and look your best at work while being professional, staying comfortable, and wearing clothes with lasting wear-power throughout the longer workdays.

Work dresses can take the stress out of styling multiple outfit pieces by giving women one easy answer. To stay cool this summer while on the job, consider these options when shopping for your business wardrobe. Light, breezy, modest dresses will give you the work-friendly coverage and support that you need all season long.


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