Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

Fun Summer Date Night Ideas

The arrival of summer brings with it all kinds of fantastic ways to connect with your significant other. Long, sunny days and warm, balmy nights mean more opportunities for outdoor date ideas. Whether you want to set up an outdoor at-home movie theater or check out the local art and music scene, these long warm nights are perfect for planning the ultimate date night. Throw on your favorite summer dress and get ready for fun summer romance with these fun summer date night ideas.

Watch a Movie Outside

What better way to enjoy a balmy and warm summer evening than by heading to a drive-in theater to catch a new movie or a cult-classic flick? If there are no official drive-in theaters near you, no worries—you can still participate in this fun date night in other ways. Many places are catching on to this outdoor movie trend, including community centers, cafes, and bars. Find out if any of these types of places near you are hosting an outdoor movie night this summer and make a date out of it.

If you can’t seem to find a place already hosting an outdoor movie night, create your own at-home outdoor movie theater! High-quality projectors can be quite affordable. Just set up the projector on the side of your house, get some comfy outdoor furniture, and cuddle up with your date and some popcorn.

Take a Class Together

A great way to spark romance and enhance your bond is by learning something new together. Put on your favorite flared cocktail dress and take ballroom dancing lessons with your significant other. You could also take a cooking class and learn to make something new together. Alternatively, you could head to a paint-and-sip where you learn to paint together while imbibing in your beverage of choice.

Visit a Theme Park or Local Fair

Theme parks and amusement parks aren’t just for kids. They are also great fun for a later-in-the-evening date. If you don’t live close enough to an amusement or theme park for a quick date night, plan to have a fun summer date when the local county fair comes to town. Don’t forget to bring along your cutest cardigan sweater so that you’re prepared for a cool breezy time while riding to the top of the Ferris wheel with your love.

Go Stargazing

A classic summer date night idea, stargazing is a wonderful way to spend a late-night date. Head to a field, park, or shoreline just outside of the city for the best stargazing spots. Choose a night on or near a new moon for the darkest sky possible. Research constellations ahead of time and take turns trying to locate them in the sky, or have a great time making up your own constellations.

Attend a Sports Game

Don a sporty rugby shirt and head to a local ball game. Attending a local sports game is a super fun way to spend a summer evening. Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, the energy of a sporting event is unmatched anywhere else. Also, who doesn’t love game-day junk food and drinks?

Have a Picnic

Head to a local park, lake, or beach and get the most out of this summer weather by having a sweet picnic date. Get cozy with a comfy throw blanket and pillows. Pack your favorite fancy cheeses, spreads, and charcuterie and unwind in the outdoors.

Check Out Some Local Art

Many towns and cities will organize “art walks” monthly or biweekly. Art walks are usually an evening of walking around a downtown area between different local shops and art galleries and are a wonderful summer date night idea. Many galleries and shops will also offer snacks and beverages to enjoy while you take in the local art scene. You could also check out the local music scene while you are out on the town.

If your town does not have an organized art walk, you can make your own art walk! Visit a few galleries or museums, or go for a self-guided tour of local murals and outdoor sculptures. You never know when a summer evening shower might sneak up and threaten your outdoor date idea, so pack a raincoat just in case so you can keep on exploring in any summer weather.

Whether you were in search of first-date ideas or if you were looking for new and exciting ideas to inject some romance into your current long-term relationship, these summer dates are perfect for anyone looking for a fun and romantic date night idea this season.


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