Seven Summer Activities for the Introvert

Seven Summer Activities for the Introvert

For many, summertime is all about pool parties and beach trips, festivals and barbeques. These types of social events can define the best parts of the summer season for so many people. For those of us who may be more introverted, however, these classic summertime activities can be draining and overwhelming.

If your idea of fun in the sun looks more like laying on your beach towel with a good book, and the best parts of summer for you never involve socializing with large groups of people, read on for some of the best summer activities for the introvert.

Take a Solo Vacation

There are so many great travel destinations that are perfect for the introverted individual. Whether you prefer the city or the backcountry, traveling by yourself allows you the freedom to choose when you would like to have some social time by spending an evening at a bar or event or when you would rather have your alone time relaxing by the pool or taking a walk by yourself. To start off, you can book a hotel, take yourself on a fancy date, and tour a new town. Whether you just head to the next town over, or buy an international flight, spending this time alone can truly be a dream for the introvert. Taking a whole week or even weekend to give yourself the time and space to really recharge on your own is the one of the best introverted activities.

Have a Quiet and Relaxing Beach Day to Yourself

Many people can not afford to take a whole solo vacation, so try taking an afternoon vacation to yourself. Nothing sounds better to most introverts than a day spent quietly lounging somewhere peaceful and beautiful, and perhaps reading a good novel while you are there. Pack your beach bag full of your favorite snacks, beverages, and books and head to the beach for some quality alone time this summer. Just because you may not love a big group beach trip or a loud pool party doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy the best parts of fun in the sun.

Go Hiking or Backpacking

Spending solo time in the great outdoors is a long-time favorite activity of introverts everywhere. Show off your best activewear this summer to you, yourself and the trail. Enjoy the meditative experience of listening to nothing but the sounds of nature while enjoying the physical challenge of a long hike. If you are heading out to hike or even take an overnight backpacking trip by yourself, just remember to stay safe, always let someone know where you are going, and always hike with bear spray.

Get In Touch with Your Creative Side with Arts and Crafts

Get in touch with your creative side this summer by diving into some arts and crafts projects. Head to the park with your watercolors or create a fun collage. You could even get together with a friend or two and have a fun and quiet arts and crafts night together. Being introverted doesn’t mean being anti-social and sometimes spending quiet relaxing moments with one of two close friends can be just as recharging as spending time alone.

Spend Time Gardening or Start a Garden

If you want to make something with your hands, but maybe arts and crafts aren’t your style, get your hands dirty this summer and plant a garden. Gardening is a wonderful and restorative solo practice. Grow a whole vegetable garden, or a small bed of herbs. You could turn your whole yard into a beautiful flower garden and then spend balmy summer evenings enjoying the fruits(or flowers, as it were) of your labor while lounging on your outdoor furniture.

Go to the Movie Theater

Catching a summertime blockbuster at a matinee hour is a classic summer activity for the introvert. Some days, it is just too hot to try to find an outdoor activity in the summer. Bring a friend, or don’t- once you're in the cool dark theater with your snacks, you can fully tune in to whatever flick you chose and enjoy the complete lack of social expectation. We recommend bringing your favorite cardigan, no matter how sweltering it may be outside, as you can always count on movie theaters to really crank the AC to truly arctic temperatures in the summer.

Head to a Museum

Spending a day at the museum is also a top choice for introverts. Another great choice for a day when it is just too hot to spend outside, going to a museum for the day gives you the chance to explore, learn something new, and be around people without the pressures of socializing.

Don’t let the pressure of a full summer social calendar get you down. As an introvert, you understand how absolutely essential your downtime is, so don’t be afraid to take it. Never underestimate the bliss that can be achieved from throwing on your favorite loungewear and doing absolutely nothing.


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