The 10 Summer Accessories You Need Now

The 10 Summer Accessories You Need Now

Summer is here, and you may find yourself wanting to give your summer wardrobe a refresh. Instead of replacing your entire wardrobe with new summer clothes (although there’s no harm in buying a few new clothing items, of course!), why not focus on elevating or switching up the outfits you already have with some of these essential accessories?


When considering which accessories are essential for summer, accessories that can double as sun protection always come first. Ball caps and snapbacks are great to pair with your activewear for your summer outdoor exercises.

But for when you are not working out or enjoying physically demanding activities, we recommend a large wide-brimmed hat for your number one summer accessory. Whether you are lounging at the beach or pool or are heading to a brunch picnic in the park, a chic but practical wide-brimmed straw hat is the ultimate summer accessory.

Fanny Packs

Speaking of items that are both fashion-forward and practical, a fanny pack makes for another great summer accessory. Fanny packs have come and gone in trendiness over the years, but we think they are here to stay this time.

Whether you are globe-trotting, attending festivals and fairs, or just taking the kids to summer camp and running errands around town, we can’t think of a cuter and more practical way to keep your things close and safe. You can wear these adorable bags across your body, much as you would a messenger bag, over your shoulder like a purse, or around your waist to act as a belt on your favorite cotton summer dress.


When the temperatures are soaring, you probably don’t want to pile on the layers — even if the layers are jewelry. In addition to trapping heat against your body, your necklaces and bracelets can also become tarnished by your sweat. For summertime jewelry, we recommend a pair of big, fun drop earrings or large hoops.

These statement pieces have a fun and carefree summer vibe while requiring minimal contact with your skin. Complete your Boho vibe by pairing your earrings with a maxi dress.

Fashion Scarves

Scarves may not be the first thing you think of when considering summer fashion accessories. But a silky, lightweight fashion scarf can be a beautiful addition to almost any summer outfit.

Elevate your work dress with a colorful and chic fashion scarf. Alternatively, you could tap into a vintage chic vibe by wearing your scarf in your hair or around your face with your wide-brimmed floppy hat and large sunglasses.

Tote Bags

A large canvas tote bag is another great summer accessory that lives on the line between fashionable and practical. Canvas totes are easily customizable with pins, patches, screen prints, and more.

Affordable and sustainable, we recommend having several canvas tote bags, not just for use as a purse but also as a grocery bag, book bag, or overnight bag. These versatile bags are a must-have.


Sunglasses are an absolute must-have for summer. The bigger, the better. Not only are oversized sunglasses fun and funky, but they also offer more sun protection than their smaller, more fitted counterparts.

Hair Claw Clips

Claw clips are back and are more relevant than ever this summer. Keep your hair off your neck with style. In addition to being fun and an easy way to change up your look from your go-to ponytail or bun, claw hair clips won’t damage your hair as much as other hair accessories, such as elastic bands, can.

A Beachy Cover-up

If you are spending any time at all at the pool or beach this summer, you won’t want to be without a beach cover-up or two. Cover-ups are comfy, cute, and a perfect solution to the dilemma of what to wear before or after your fun in the sun.

The Perfect Pair of Sandals

No summer wardrobe would be complete without the perfect pair of summer sandals. We recommend choosing a pair of sandals that are neutral and versatile. You want your summer sandals to be comfortable but also fashionable. Choose a simple, strappy pair that could go just as well with your denim shorts as with a more dressy skirt.

A Neck Gaiter

Speaking of versatility in summer accessories, our last but certainly, not least recommended item is the neck gaiter. Also known as a BUFF, this stretchy circle of fabric can be worn around your neck while hiking as extra sun protection or pulled up and worn as a headband.

Certain styles can even be worn as a bandeau top. These items come in many colors, patterns, and sizes, so they can be as fashionable as they are functional. Pair this sporty accessory with your favorite yoga pants.

When choosing your ideal summer accessory, look for items that are the best combination of form and function. Choose accessories that can help shield you from hazardous UV rays while also adding a touch of flair.


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