Suave Beach Outfits for Men

Suave Beach Outfits for Men

The beach is calling! As the weather warms and the sun shines, the question is less about are you going to the beach and more about how long can you possibly stay? If you are like the rest of us and want to stay as long as possible, you'll need a wardrobe (or at least a suitcase) of clothes you can wear when you are out in the sand. What will let you have the most fun while looking your best? Here are some outfits for whatever is going on down by the sea.

Actively Fun

A big part of enjoying the beach is games and sports. Surfing, beach volleyball, even tossing a football around with a buddy means you need to be wearing something that will let you move freely. Usually, workout shorts fit the bill, but you are at the beach! Use a trusty pair of swim trunks to give you the flexibility to strip down and run into the water after a ball, your girl, or that last wave before the sun sets. Grabbing a pair that fits you well is crucial. Too big, and the waves might take them; too small, and you'll never be able to get your feet on your board to surf that break. Elastic is helpful, as are waist ties. Shorts that hit between mid-thigh and your knee will be the right length. If you go any longer, you will be wearing swim pants; if you go shorter, make sure you're comfortable showing off those legs.

On top, t-shirts generally work well, but if you're planning to be in the sun all day (every day), you may want something with a bit more protection. Swim shirts work great as lightweight tops outside of the water, and rash guards protect you from board friction while in the water. Plus, you'll have protection from the sun no matter where you decide to spend your time. Throw on a pair of flip-flops you can easily slip off when you get to the sand, and you'll be set!

Lounging on the Boat

Who doesn't want to be James Bond relaxing on a swanky yacht? Boating on the open sea is a romantic image, so you need a dashing outfit to go with it. To get that debonair air, go with light colors and light fabrics. There aren't many places on a boat to hide from the bright sun, so light colors help keep you cool. Lightweight fabrics will also help with airflow, and there should be a lot of sea breeze for the billowing on a boat. Between these two recommendations, you should be able to stay as refreshed as possible, no matter the temperature (unless you take a quick dip overboard).

For what to wear on the bottom, pair lightweight khaki shorts with slip-on, moccasin-style boat shoes in similarly neutral browns or creams. On top, loose long-sleeved shirts rolled to the elbows complete the picture. Having the shirt be white or light blue makes a nice color combination for most guys. If you want to take the look a step further, aviators with a classic straw Panama hat will do it. Be the Bond!

Smooth at the Bar

This depends a little on the kind of beach bar you are going to. If it is a fancy resort bar, you should dress to match. Unless you are day-drinking, you are probably going during the evening, which means you can pull out some of your darker colors. Navy is a great darker color for the beach, and it can be worn either as a solid or as a base color for a pattern. If your top is darker, contrast it with lighter-colored Bermuda shorts (or pants depending on how nippy the breeze is) so that you don't disappear into the night before you are ready. If your bottoms are darker, choose a lighter-colored top. As for colors on the lighter side, white is a safe bet, but you could go with light blue or even patterned material. Remember, if you want to go with a pattern in one piece of clothing, probably go for solid colors elsewhere; too many patterns on top of each other confuses and overwhelms the eye. Also, now is the time to break out that strong watch!

If you are at a more relaxed bar with a local feel, there's no need to be too formal. You do want to take a step up from swim trunks if you can unless your swim trunks seem like the right call at the moment. Try jean shorts or jeans and a striped mens t-shirt. This has a casual but nautical feel to it that could be perfect for the local beach bar scene.

There! Your suitcase is practically packed. Have a blast on your beach adventure!


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