5 Stylish Spring Outfits That Are Perfect for Outdoor Activities

5 Stylish Spring Outfits That Are Perfect for Outdoor Activities

Every spring season presents the opportunity to experiment with stylish new outfits and all sorts of accessories, from cute handbags to comfy shoes to jewelry. If you are looking at your current spring wardrobe and thinking it may be time to add or replace some items, look no further! Read on for a list of five of the top spring outfits that are both super-stylish and practical for outdoor activities.

Capris and a Cardigan

What do you do when it’s not quite warm enough for shorts but not quite cold enough for pants? You meet in the middle and sport a pair of cute capri pants! Capris are the ultimate springtime fashion staple since they are comfy, stylish, and just as versatile as a pair of blue jeans. On a breezy spring afternoon, fewer outfits look more flattering than a pair of capri pants with a colorful blouse or a light cardigan button-up. With capris, there are also so many cuts, colors, and fabrics to choose from. You can opt for denim capris one day, white capris the next, and capris in soft pastel colors (which are perfect for spring) later on in the week.

After determining the pair of capri pants to wear, add your first layer like a lightweight, long-sleeve stripe shirt or a crisp tee, depending on the weather that day. Add a second layer (like a soft cardigan) that you can comfortably wear over your shirt or tie around your waist when it gets a little warmer. Finish off this classic spring outfit with a pair of wedge sandals, slip-ons, or sneakers if you plan to be active and on your feet all day.

A Pair of Shorts For Every Occasion

Depending on the climate in the area in which you live, and just how warm it will be on a particular spring afternoon, women’s shorts are a great item to have in your spring collection. If you are going on a long hike with the whole family, engaging in a high-cardio outdoor workout, or planning a family picnic by the lake, something more active like running shorts with an athletic top and sneakers may be the way to go. If you're planning to have friends or family over for a laid-back brunch or late afternoon dinner party out on your back deck, you can pair stylish linen, jeans, or khaki shorts with a colorful top.

A Beach Vacation Outfit

A spring wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without giving some consideration to women’s swimsuits and other beachy pieces. If you are going on a spring vacation to a tropical climate, then a couple of cute swimsuits are a must! There is an endless variety of swimsuit choices, ranging from classic one-pieces to comfy tankinis to athletic bikinis.

Of course, if you are putting together a beach outfit for your spring getaway, the bathing suit itself isn’t the only piece to pack. Don’t forget a comfy, cute pair of flip-flops or espadrille sandals that you can walk in on and off the beach. Another great piece for a spring getaway outfit is a bathing suit cover-up or cute, beachy cotton sundresses you can easily wear over your swimsuit. Finish your look off with a big floppy hat and a pair of sunglasses, and you will look and feel effortlessly glamorous!

Casual, Comfy, Stylish Dresses

The spring season is a fabulous time to start showing off a few new women’s dresses that you have added to your wardrobe. Sure, dresses can be worn during the winter, or any time of year for that matter, but it’s always nice to be able to show off your new dress on a warm, spring day when everyone can see it.

If you are attending an outdoor function that requires a little bit of dressing up, show up in a colorful long maxi dress, something that is both comfortable to wear and a bit elegant. If you are taking the little ones to the park and plan to chase after them on the playground for a few hours, opt for a knee-length cotton dress or t-shirt dress, something that is casual and easy to move around in yet still stylish. Finish the look off with a pair of sneakers, and you will have achieved the ultimate casual cool-girl look for spring.

Jeans and a Tank Top

The classic, simple, fashionable look of jeans and a tank top probably won’t ever go out of style, which is great news because it’s such an easy look to create. Whether you like high-rise skinny jeans, mid-rise bootcut jeans, or something in between, any jean cut will go nicely with a fitted tank top. If you want to accessorize a little, spice up the outfit with a belt and your favorite pair of flat shoes or heeled sandals. If it’s going to be a bit chilly outside, grab a tailored blazer or another second layer that will add dimension to the outfit.

With these spring outfit suggestions in mind, consider what you might want to add to your spring wardrobe this year!


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