10 Stylish Prints Your Kids Will Love

10 Stylish Prints Your Kids Will Love

Kids know what’s hot and what’s not. Their interests, schoolmates, friends, older siblings, and the media influence them. Therefore, knowing what prints to purchase for them is crucial so they can feel confident, no matter their destination. Many kids’ apparel is available in multiple print selections. T-shirts, dresses, hoodies, you name it, feature the prints your kids crave for wow-worthy style year-round. Your kids may have their favorites, but we have compiled a list of 10 common prints kids will always love. Your kids will thank you. Trust us!


Boys especially love sharks. Sharks just look so cool with their sharp teeth, so it’s easy to see why little boys adore them. Embrace your boy’s obsession with sharks by buying boys’ graphic tees and more featuring those fierce fish. Donning apparel with sharks will let your boys feel fearless like the creatures; plus, they will be interested in learning more about not only sharks but other animals, too.


Like sharks, boys think dinosaurs look so cool. They probably have their favorites, too, from T-Rexes and raptors to pterodactyls. Appease their tastes by buying stylish apparel featuring their favorite creatures from ancient history. Go for allover dinosaur print T-shirts or even button-down shirts.

Sports Themes

Kids are getting more and more into sports. They are probably rooting for the home team or have their favorite players and mascots. Let them rep their favorite teams by buying apparel featuring their favorites. Go with traditional team logos and players’ numbers or find options with a graphic spin, such as graffiti-styled prints.


Stripe prints and patterns are classics for adults and kids alike. They are so versatile, and you will find them on almost every type of clothing article, from T-shirts to hoodies. You can style them up or down for school or dinner. Plus, you can please both your boys and girls with this ever-trendy print. Experiment with different color combos; your options are endless. Also, try out thin, wide, vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal stripes. They will never get bored!


Just like stripes, a plaid print is always a classic. There’s tartan, gingham, check, madras, windowpane, houndstooth, tattersall, and other types of plaid to choose from when shopping. Plaid usually appears on more polished clothing, such as button-down shirts, but you can find it on plenty of other types of apparel (think flannel pajamas for boys and girls). Mix and match their plaid apparel with solids or other patterns. Boys and girls will love all the fun they can have with plaid.


Nautical prints tend to show up in the spring or summer. What are typical nautical-themed prints, you are wondering? Here are common ones: whale, sea boat, anchor, and lighthouse prints. Nautical prints look adorable and are available in so many styles, from unisex rompers to button-down boys’ shirts. They are especially ideal for fun vacation days with the fam.


Kids love their cartoons. They have their list of favorite characters, superheroes, television shows, cereal mascots, and movies. Let them show off their affection for their favorite characters by outfitting them in apparel that features fun graphic prints of icons. These clothing types also work as keepsakes once they get older to remember what was trending when they were children.

Polka Dots

You can find polka dots on boys’ and girls’ clothing, but they are especially prominent on girls’ blouses, dresses, and skirts. Polka dots have a way of adding that flattering touch to an article of clothing. Polka dots on sundresses or dresses with tulle skirts and satin ribbons are to die for! Little girls will love wearing these types of dresses to church or dinner. Stick with traditional polka dot patterns and sizes, or go bold by seeking out oversized polka dots or prints featuring vibrant colors.


From blouses, skirts, and dresses for girls to leggings and graphic T-shirts, your options are endless when selecting apparel items featuring sweet blossoms. And whether it’s warm or cold outside, floral prints will always add a bit of sunshine to her wardrobe.


Kids love the beauty of the mystical creature—the unicorn! Unicorns remain wildly popular. They are seen in so many works of art, film, and cartoons. They evoke adventure, magic, and fascination. Your child will love clothing, such as leggings for girls, with a unicorn print, for example. Go for it!

After you select prints you know your kids will adore, try to think about other attributes that will affect them. Various fabric types can affect the look of clothing along with your kids’ comfort. Play around with different textures. Finally, make sure you choose the best fit for your kids. Kids can be picky, but by knowing their favorite prints and forever-trending prints for kids, you will make your life much, much easier. Shop girls’ and boys’ clothing stores today for trendy prints.


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