5 Stylish Plus-Size Winter Coats to Brave the Chill

5 Stylish Plus-Size Winter Coats to Brave the Chill

Staying cozy and stylish when it's cold outside sometimes seems like a bit of a tall order. There are days when temperatures are so low, it almost doesn't make sense to go outside at all. But sometimes duty calls, and when you have to take the kids to school, go to the office, and check off every item on your to-do list, you need to make the most of the day in a winter coat that's as comfortable as possible.

It's not necessary to sacrifice your amazing sense of fashion simply because you need to bundle up. What that means: you don't have to look like little Randy from "A Christmas Story" as he wobbled around the sidewalk in his puffy snowsuit.

There's a better plus-size winter coat solution for you out there, guaranteed! Here are the best coats for braving the winter cold, no matter what kind of obligation is on your calendar.

Look for Faux Fur Accents

Is there anything more luxurious than a touch of faux fur to add sophistication to your otherwise highly functional winter ensembles? The very presence of the soft tuft has the potential to transform your look from simple to sophisticated. Our long down coats in particular tend to look incredible when they feature a pop of faux fur at the hood. Not only is it a timeless look, but it also holds up beautifully through the years and keeps you incredibly warm on the chilliest days of the year.

While HyperDRY™ down is the constructive star of the show–the key component that locks in heat when you're braving the bitterest of chills and really want nothing more than to be inside–it's the faux fur accent on the removable hood that transforms it into just what you need to feel a little more pulled together on an unbearable day.

Down coats with a touch of fur are versatile. They can be worn on the coldest of winter days with a pair of jeans and winter snow boots for an afternoon errand or dressed up with a pair of low heeled booties and one of your favorite sweater dresses for happy hour with your neighbors.

Add Some Polish in Wool

For a style that is always refined, reliable, and beautiful, consider a wool coat. There are a number of sleek and stylish plus-size options available, ranging from long and lean belted varieties to mid-length fit-and-flare styles.

All are designed to work with your body without restricting movement. Think about your general cold-weather style when selecting the most appropriate silhouette for your needs. Long lengths are the way to go if you love rocking leggings and knee-high boots. The taller cut creates the illusion of greater length when you're in heels, and also adds a sophisticated touch to your corporate outfits. In other words, a long wool coat is an ideal jacket for a day at the office, a lunch meeting, or a formal event when a fit-and-flare option will capture the attention of those around you.

If you're more of a casual dresser, a wool jacket in a shorter length, like a peacoat, is a wonderfully practical choice. The wool material will keep you toasty and warm throughout the day, and it's styled just right to pair with anything from plus-size jeans to cords. Pea coats have long been a favorite style of jacket for many people and are a great jacket to throw on to wear to your kid’s sports game or on a winter walk through your neighborhood.

Try a Raincoat for Some Climates

Depending on where in the country you live, your idea of a winter chill may be considerably less arctic than the norm. Even if you don't have to deal with frost and heavy snowfall, there's likely going to be a significant drop in temperatures as you move deeper into the season. A plus-size rain jacket makes the perfect solution.

There are a number of different varieties–some are thicker and longer than others, but all are perfectly constructed to brave a sudden chill in style. Details like waterproof fabric, deep pockets, insulation, and cozy hoods make them perfect for conditions that are less than optimal. Add to that the brilliant colors to brighten up dark and dismal days, and you have the recipe for a perfect winter ensemble.

And rain jackets can be worn with more than just rain boots, they’re also the perfect jacket to wear on a hike or a walk with a pair of athletic sneakers.

Warm Up in a Cute Vest

Plus-size down vests are beyond practical for winter wear but you may not even realize that you need them. They're insanely comfortable and built to pad you with the additional warmth that you need when it's brutally cold outside.

Naturally, you can toss your favorite coat on top to lock in heat and stay warm as temperatures fall. When you arrive at your destination, you can easily stay cozy in the vest after you strip off the coat. Keep in mind that down vests are more casual than your favorite plus size turtleneck sweater, though, so an outfit with a down vest should be saved for casual birthday parties, after-school pick-up, or a morning coffee with friends. Down vests come in dozens of styles, from sleek metallic to long packable options, there's an eye-catching vest to meet everyone's needs with ease.

Go for the Classic Barn Coat

For people who are constantly on the go, a barn coat makes a sensible choice. It's especially practical if you happen to love the look of utilitarian clothing with a fashionable twist. Think of it as the ultimate "chore" coat–but built for winter. High-tech PrimaLoft® insulation ensures that you'll stay toasty even when wind and wet weather threaten your comfort. A barn coat looks great with everything from plus size corduroy pants to curvy fit jeans!

Packable varieties are especially appropriate when you need something cute to stash inside the trunk on game days or just-in-case moments. As their name suggests, barn coats tend to be a little more casual than wool or down coats, they’re the type of coat you’d expect to see a stylish horseback rider wearing as they tend to their horse. The style is classically preppy and is best worn to tailgates, football games, by a cozy bonfire, or at your local farm!

Whether you are attending a fancy dinner party or just need to brave the elements on your weekly grocery run, the possibilities are endless when it comes to plus-size stylish winter coats. Keep a few in your closet so you can pick the style that best fits your needs all throughout the cold-weather months.


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