Stylish New Years Outfits for Men

Stylish New Years Outfits for Men

At Lands' End, we understand your New Year's plans can be extremely casual, like a family board game night at home, or formal, like going out to an extravagant party. So, we want to help you plan accordingly when choosing a stylish outfit to wear. Whether your New Year’s plans include staying home with the family or enjoying a night out, knowing you look good can give you a boost. These ideas for stylish New Year’s outfits for men can help you start the year on a positive note. There are some casual looks here, as well as some dressy styles, so you can create an outfit that’s perfect for your plans, whatever they may include.

Men’s Cashmere Sweaters

For both warmth and style, men’s cashmere sweaters offer the best of both worlds. These super soft sweaters deliver the warmth you want when temperatures drop. Plus, these sweaters are available in dressy V-neck and turtleneck styles or more casual styles, like crewnecks and hoodies. Additionally, you can choose solid-colored pieces to wear over a collared shirt or patterned pieces to wear as standalone tops. Either way, you get the great looks, softness, and the exceptional warmth you would expect when you choose a fine cashmere sweater to top off your New Year’s outfit.

Dress Shirts

While you might think of dress shirts as office-wear, a great-fitting dress shirt is also a garment that adds panache to a New Year’s outfit. You can wear a dress shirt alone, and it looks great. You can wear one under a sweater to add a collar for a polished effect. Additionally, you can wear a dress shirt under a cardigan or jacket for a dressy effect. Browse through the selection of solid-colored dress shirts and ones with patterns to find the shirt to inspire your New Year’s mood. Additionally, if you tend to get warm, you can consider a short-sleeved dress shirt to wear as a layer under a sweater or jacket.

Men’s Blazers

Attending a formal or semi-formal event to ring in the new year? Men’s blazers offer a comfortable and stylish solution. To create a more formal look, look for a suit coat and pants made from the same fabric. To create a look that’s dressy but a touch less formal, pair a blazer with a dress shirt and pants that are a different color. Additionally, you can choose a sport coat that’s made from a patterned fabric to pair with pants that are another color or even a nice pair of jeans.

Corduroy Pants

Want pants that combine style with durability? Check out the selection of corduroy pants for men. The fabric used in making corduroys has a raised cord, which is also known as its wale, that gives it a unique look. It also creates a fabric that’s soft and velvety to the touch, without sacrificing incredible durability. When you choose a pair of stylish corduroy pants to wear for New Year’s Eve, you also gain a pair of pants you can wear anytime. Pair them with a dressy shirt, sweater, or blazer to dress up your style. Or, pair your cords with a t-shirt or hoodie for a comfortable and casual, everyday look.

Men’s Khaki Pants

You gain a lot of style options when you choose men’s khaki pants for your New Year’s outfit. First, these pants come in a variety of cuts, so you can choose the style you like best. For example, you could pick chinos for a slim fit or pleated trouser cut khakis for a more relaxed fit. You can choose khakis in darker hues or lighter shades to get the best match for your jacket, favorite sweater, or your dress shirt. Additionally, you can upgrade your style by adding accessories like dress shoes and a belt. Or, you can tone it down with sneakers and a hoodie if you prefer a casual style.

Men’s Dress Shoes

Sometimes, it’s the accessories that make or break an outfit, and shoes can be one of the most important accessories. The selection of men’s dress shoes offers you a bit of variety and some flex room to get your look just right. Loafers are an option that combines comfort and great looks. These are shoes you just slide on and off without dealing with laces. Typically, loafers are a touch on the casual side, but you can choose them on polished styles that add a dressy touch to any outfit. Additionally, when you shop the selection of men’s dress shoes, you can choose styles that tie or wingtip styles that add an elegant touch of style to a dressy outfit.

Whether you’re breaking out the bubbly at a party or chilling on the sofa to watch the ball drop when welcoming in the new year, there are ideas here to help you put together a polished look that’s just right. Browse through our selection of menswear to get even more ideas for creating looks that carry you through the New Year’s holiday and into the next year in style.

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