5 Stylish Little Treats to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

5 Stylish Little Treats to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a joyous time of year. It’s a period to reflect on the meaningful bonds that fill your heart and a time to show how thankful you are for those special relationships. It also happens to be a relatively busy time of year — one that’s packed to the brim with everything from parties to reunions to family events. Is it any wonder that you might be just a little bit tired? Once you’ve scored the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone else on your list, it’s a good time to direct a little bit of that energy in your own direction.

Ultimately it’s all about treating yourself — you deserve it! It’s a healthy and positive step that you can take to feel revived and rejuvenated after focusing so intently on handling absolutely everything on your agenda like a complete pro. With all of that out of the way, it’s only right that you hit reset and give yourself a little treat at the same time. Here are five stylish little treasures to treat yourself to this holiday season.

Monogrammed Slippers

Did someone say luxurious? There are few things more indulgent and special than a pair of monogrammed slippers. Warm fabrics, plush linings, and beautiful designs set these pretty accessories apart from the others in your wardrobe. You’ll find them in a wide range of styles, from classic scuffs and slides to ever-reliable moccasins and slipper boots.

What to choose? It’s all about your comfort, so stick with something that you know you’ll wear often. Look for lush accents, like fuzzy shearling lining, eye-catching prints, and ultra-soft exteriors that look as great as they feel. The embroidery is the perfect finishing touch — it’s a special addition that adds something so special to a wardrobe basic. You’ll love them even more for that reason alone.


You might not think of sleepwear as a “treat,” but think of just how frequently you wear those pajamas and women’s robes. They’re undoubtedly key parts of your wardrobe, so it makes sense to elevate your nighttime collection with a few cozy comforts that you look forward to wearing.

A plush robe that you can wrap on after you take a hot bath on your spa weekends is the kind of gift you’ll never regret purchasing for yourself. A pair of fleece pajamas will keep you warm and toasty all season long. A light and elegant nightgown is perfect if you prefer to wear something airy to bed that you can also wear around the house when you’re lounging around.

Cashmere Sweater

Never underestimate the power of a cashmere sweater for women. It’s definitely among the most stylish and timeless pieces you can add to your wardrobe — and something you can wear just about anywhere, from the office to date night to brunch with the ladies.

Cardigans are perfect because they’re so easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Pull one on over a sheath dress as you head to the office in the morning. Pair it with a matching shell and a pair of wide-leg pants. Throw it on with jeans to dress things up just a touch. Slip it on with a blouse and a pencil skirt. The options are endless, and a touch of cashmere instantly warms you up by locking in body heat on those chilly days. It’s as functional as it is fashionable, making it the ultimate style treat for the holiday season.

Winter Hat

A plush women’s winter hat is an exceptional choice for the coldest months of the year. This highly practical accessory is a must if you’re always a little bit cold and want to stay as comfortable as possible whenever you head out during the season. The best part is that winter hats are available in a wide array of styles, so you can easily find something whether your tastes run more traditional or you prefer something trendy.

Look for fleece beanie hats boasting rich animal prints or luxe bucket hats that are reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Try a cloche if you want to stick with that sophisticated old-world theme. Plan to spend a considerable amount of time adventuring and exploring the great outdoors? You need a winter trapper hat that keeps your head and your ears warm at the same time.

Winter Scarf

Winter scarves look amazing and feel even better. The scarf doesn’t receive nearly the amount of credit that it deserves. It’s perfect for wearing with a winter coat or a jacket, of course, but it’s versatile enough to carry into spring depending on what the weather is like. On a breezy day, you might drape one around your neck to wear with a denim jacket, for example.

Keep things festive and stylish with a knit scarf boasting a rich color or a seasonally appropriate pattern. Snowflakes, candy stripes, and checks are some of the most common styles you’ll find. They’ll instantly brighten up your winter look.

It’s all about your comfort this holiday season. And you deserve to give yourself a little something special. So treat yourself with something stylish for an instant mood booster and spirit lifter.

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