Stylish and Forgiving Pants Styles to Wear at Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Stylish and Forgiving Pants to Wear at Your Thanksgiving Dinner

So you don’t want to show up to Thanksgiving dinner in a pair of sloppy, unbecoming sweatpants, but you don’t want to show up in form-fitting pants like skinny jeans either. We get it. We are all going to be eating a lot of turkey and pie, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is clothing that is too tight and uncomfortable. The good news is there are plenty of stylishly comfortable ways to dress up a holiday outfit, and in this post, we will look at some of the best pants to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.

Leggings With a Tunic Dress

Depending on the material, leggings can be casual or athletic or dressy. At first glance, the idea of wearing leggings to your traditionally dressier Thanksgiving dinner might sound like a fashion faux pas. But if you opt for a good quality pair of leggings that you can combine with a long, flattering, and slightly more formal top, it makes for a stylish and super comfortable outfit.

Consider wearing black or colorful leggings with a tunic top in a gorgeous autumn hue like burnt orange, mustard yellow, or deep brown. This type of outfit is just about as comfortable as you can get, but you’re guaranteed to feel unrestricted and comfortable in this flexible clothing as you feast on your delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

The Wide-Legged Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits tend to be constructed with an unrestrictive, flexible material, meaning they make for a great outfit choice to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is the material comfortable and loose, but a jumpsuit is also extremely fashionable, so you can look put-together and feel relaxed at the same time. Wide-legged jumpsuits come in a variety of tops so you can easily find anything from sleeveless to long, loose, flowy sleeves. Many jumpsuits are designed in one solid color, but consider shopping around for festive jumpsuits in geometric or floral patterns.

Volume Pants

Volume pants are exactly what they sound like: pants with lots and lots of room. Can you think of anything more appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner? Volume pants tend to have the same length as capri pants, but unlike capris, boasts an interesting, balloon-like silhouette. The waist is generally elastic and adjustable, and you can find volume pants in colors and patterns such as black-and-white gingham or solid black.

Wide-Leg Pants in Any Fabric

If there is one thing you need to remember on Thanksgiving Day, it is this: wide-leg pants are your friend. As much as we love a good skinny jean, Thanksgiving is neither the time nor the place. Nobody wants to feel restricted after what is arguably the biggest meal of the year.

Stick to wide-leg pants in soft materials like cotton, linen, or even velvet. Fashionable wide-legs pants are designed to be worn in a variety of circumstances, whether you are dressing up for an evening event or hitting the office. The appeal of wide-leg pants is that you don’t have to just keep them in your closet for Thanksgiving — you can wear them all year long!

Elastic-Waisted Pull-On Pants

Keywords: elastic waistband. Do not ruin your day by wearing zip up or button up pants. Pull-on pants with an elastic waistband are the way to go. Go for pants with a waist you can easily adjust because, unless you are superhuman, you will likely need to adjust those pants after your Thanksgiving feast, just like the rest of us. And trust us, in that moment, you will be glad you went for flexible pants with a flexible waist. Pull-on pants with an elastic waistband aren’t just designed with comfort in mind; they can also be very chic and festive.

Linen Pants

Loose, linen dress pants with a wide-legged style make for excellent Thanksgiving Day attire. Linen pants are timeless and elegant without being over-the-top or too formal. They could be described as casually elegant and are made even more stylish when paired with a nice cashmere turtleneck or other sweater made of a luxuriously soft, high-quality material. Most linen pants are made with an elastic waistband so you can easily adjust as you need to throughout the day, and these pants will still maintain a flattering silhouette.

What have been your go-to pants for Thanksgiving over the years? If you are still on the hunt for the ultimate pair of Thanksgiving pants, consider one of the suggestions we have outlined above. Shop around and try a few styles on before committing to the one you know is right for you on Thanksgiving Day and any other time of year.

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