6 Ways to Embrace a Minimalist Look

6 Ways to Embrace a Minimalist Look

Minimalist looks are all the rage right now, as they let your body do the talking with effortless minimal looks this season. Slimming down your wardrobe doesn’t mean you need to get stuck in a fashion rut. Keep in mind just a few tips for styling a minimalist wardrobe to help you make a fashion statement with less. The key to a minimalist fashion is to keep your accessories poignant. Here’s how to say more when styling a minimalist look.

Get Geometric

Minimalism is all about the “lack of,” and geometric patterns accentuate this feature. Look for jewelry, tunics, scarves, and other accessories that feature simple geometry. This could be as simple as a boxy necklace or a houndstooth handbag. However, minimalist looks only have one element of a pattern or shape. Opt to have a single statement piece with your look. This creates a sophisticated minimalist style without being too boring. One geometric statement lets your outfit stand out.

Simple Color Schemes

If you’re opting to go for a minimal look, it’s easy to rely on black and whites. Break from the mold with a simple color scheme. Perhaps combine a bright burst of color with natural color tones of blacks and whites. This can be done with women’s scarves, jewelry, or even a blouse. Alternatively, go for basic colors. Think about blocky designs that don’t have a lot of ornate detail. Choose simple patterns such as checkers or solid colors. As a result, you’ll have a streamlined minimalist look.

Natural Neutrals

Classic minimalism doesn’t even touch color. In fact, a true minimalist wardrobe is simply black and white with the occasional grey color. Mix in a few tans and you have the modern-day minimalist. These colors work well and can be combined in infinite ways to create quite the complex wardrobe, despite the namesake of this style type. Choose basic outfits, with simple designs and details. However, try to forgo any color to keep to a true sense of minimalism. Don’t forget to choose coats, hats, scarves, handbags, and footwear that matches. The result is a look that evokes the most simple styles and adds chic sophistication to your wardrobe.

Sleek Silhouettes

Keep your look minimal with basic shapes that bring out the best in your body. A simple pair of skinny women’s black jeans combined with a fitted turtleneck create a simple, sleek look that turns heads. Alternatively, you can balance out silhouettes to create a minimal yet flattering look. For example, a tunic top paired with legging creates a minimal look when you use simple, basic colors and no patterns. Keep accessories to a minimum and let the clothing do most of the talking.

Back to Basics

Another easy yet different way to create a minimalist look is to take things back to basics. Think about your favorite white tee with a pair of women’s jeans. Basics are an easy way to get a minimalist look that’s relaxed and suitable for lounging around the house. The key is to wear simple things such as plain tees, sweatshirts, or tank tops with basic pants that you love. Top the look off with simple footwear, such as single-colored sneakers or flats that don’t command a lot of attention. This girl-next-door look works well for the minimalist who prefers a more laid back vibe. Tuck in tees or wear a single drop necklace with a thin profile to dress up your look just a touch. You’ll get a simple look without the fuss of more constricting clothing.

Understated Patterns

When it comes to minimalism, people tend to shy away from patterns. However, you don’t have to if you choose easy, basic patterns. Combine one or two colors with basic patterns such as buffalo plaid, stripes, or polka dots. You can use blocky or tiny patterns like pinstripes or even tiny graphics for your ultimate minimalist look. The key to keeping it simple is to avoid complex, organic patterns that draw the eye inward. Instead, you want your statement to be made outward, so keep the patterning simple and only on one article of clothing for maximum impact.

Minimal style is all about letting your body shine. It’s about doing more with less, meaning you don’t need to layer or have heavy patterning. You can choose chic and sleek minimalism or a back-to-basics look that shouts comfort without any fluff. Use fewer accessories for a more impactful look that focuses on you. These styling tips for a minimalist look create a range of styles suited for any occasion, from lounging in the backyard to a high-end happy hour.


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