8 Styling Ideas for Bridesmen

8 Styling Ideas for Bridesmen

Non-traditional weddings are becoming more popular. Gone are the days when wedding parties consisted of only bridesmaids and groomsmen. Being a part of a wedding party is a huge commitment and an honor. The origin of bridesmaids dates back to before ancient Rome—back to Biblical times. Though the origin of groomsmen might be a bit darker (this history revolves around brides being captured), groomsmen have evolved to be there by the groom’s side on his big day. Bridal parties help organize the wedding and throw bachelor and bachelorette parties. They’re also available to catch a bouquet or garter.

Now, we’ve reached a point in history where more traditions are being thrown out the window, and people are planning weddings on their terms. So, if you plan on having bridesmen in your party, you might be wondering how you can help style them. There are so many paths you can take when it comes to styling your non-traditional wedding party. Read our tips on styling options.

Match Accessories With Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Let’s say your brides are wearing a color that’s difficult to find on a men’s suit. Or maybe you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy with your bridal party. How about matching the bridesmen’s accessories with the bridesmaids’ dresses? For example, the bridesmen could wear neckties, bowties, handkerchiefs, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie bars, cummerbunds, or other accessories that match the dresses. This styling choice might work best if the bridesmen are wearing neutral-toned suits, such as gray, complementing the shade of the dresses.

Choose Black Apparel for All

Black is such an effortless color to style. It’s timeless and looks good on just about everyone. If you opt for all-black attire for your bridal party, don’t think you have to stick to all-black suits and dresses. You could allow for jumpsuits or vests. Plus, you can allow your party to elevate their looks with the accessories of their choice, such as a tie, boutonniere, or whatever else might allow them to jazz up their ensemble.

Pick Out a Color That Looks Good on Everyone

Black isn’t the only color that looks good on everyone. Plenty of other tones can allow everyone to look stylish and feel comfortable. Gray, for example, is one of those colors. Like black and white, most accessories of other colors can match this shade. Navy also looks great on most people, though it’s more difficult to match than gray. As mentioned above, for black, you could have everyone wear the same styles or switch things up by wearing their favorite style or accessories.

Match Suspenders With Dresses

An easy coordinated look features bridesmen matching their suspenders with the bridesmaids’ dresses and maybe even the bride’s bouquet. Suspenders over a button-down shirt balance casual with dressy. If the location of the wedding will be more low-key than a traditional church or a glammed-up space, such as a woodsy or beach location, the suspenders-over-shirt look might fit in perfectly.

Go for an Androgynous Look

Ensure everyone is coordinating by going for an androgynous look for all. Androgyny is the possession of both masculine and feminine characteristics in humans. Therefore, androgynous fashion blends both male and female characteristics. Look for unisex apparel and accessories that can help you achieve this fashion statement. Stick to a common color scheme throughout or allow for a variety of accessories that tie everyone together.

Consider Non-Traditional Destinations

If you’ll have a non-traditional wedding, consider that destination when styling your bridesmen. For example, if the wedding will be at a beach or resort, you might opt for men’s chinos or men’s shorts to match a lightweight cotton or linen shirt for your bridesmen. Casual outfits like these can easily match the dresses of the bridesmaids in your party.

Purchase Robes for Everyone

Getting-ready robes are common for bridesmaids. Ensure your bridesmen have one, too. You can select cozy personalized men’s robes for everyone else in your party. Or you can select solid, floral, or any other design your heart desires! Match the robes with personalized men’s slippers and other cozy accessories to give your wedding party an entire spa experience.

Choose the Right Shoes

The shoes that your bridesmen wear depend on the entire outfit. For dressier outfits, such as black suits, polished black leather men’s dress shoes will do. Brown leather dress shoes might also match most bridesmen’s outfits. Your bridesmen can also make a statement with their shoes by wearing Oxford loafers or even sneakers. They could also play around with their socks—choosing brightly colored or patterned socks to spice up their outfits.

Take Plenty of Photos!

Not a styling tip, but of course, you’ll more than likely take plenty of photos. But this step is vital to point out. The styling direction you take might help others who are interested in going for a non-traditional bridal party. You might opt for a photo booth, beautiful scenic photos, or whatever fits the theme of your party. Share on a blog, social media, or YouTube to inspire others to consider a non-traditional wedding party.

Have a wedding on your own terms by having bridesmen participate in your wedding party. Friendship and loyalty know no gender, so the important men in your life might be more than happy to be a part of your wedding party. Use our styling tips and inspire others, too, in the process!

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