5 Dresses That Can Be Paired With Booties

5 Dresses That Can Be Paired With Booties

Dresses can easily be worn year-round with a little innovation. In fact, booties make for some of the best footwear to pair with dresses. Part shoe, part boot, these ankle-high shoes bring a touch of style to virtually any outfit. Opt for a small heel or go flat when styling your favorite women’s dresses with this fashion-forward footwear.

Why You Should Have a Pair of Booties

Booties are a must-have in any closet. First, they give you the coverage and security of a boot without the bulk. Booties are ankle-length “boots” that combine the best of heels, flats, and even sandals with the comfort of a boot. As a result, there are countless styles of booties that go with any outfit. Warmer climates can enjoy open-toed booties with a small heel that is the perfect statement piece for any dress. Cooler climates call for a full-leather bootie with a wedge heel and some dazzling accents. Either way, booties make for a highly versatile piece of footwear that lets you show off your personal style.

1. The LBD

For a sleek, chic look, match your little black dress with a pair of black patent booties. Go for a chunky heel for optimal support or buy a streamlined stiletto to show off a bit of leg. The bootie brings a great alternative to your standard pumps, allowing you to have more coverage (and thus, more warmth) on your tootsies during the winter months. These modern booties are a showstopper when paired with your favorite date night dress. You’ll turn heads and stay cozy for a night on the town.

2. Your Favorite Maxi

Everything from petite maxi dresses to high empire-waist maxis are all the rage this season. These must-have dresses create a flowy look that’s optimal for cooler weather. The added coverage means you can sport your favorite maxi no matter what the weather is doing outside. To create the perfect outfit, choose a bootie style that fits the maxi dress you are wearing. For example, a boho-chic look goes perfectly with a flowy, flowery maxi. While a more streamlined silhouette matches modern cuts with strong patterns. Booties with a slight heel work well with maxi dresses since they elevate your height, creating a more elongated figure for your incredible lineup of dresses.

3. Flowy Sundresses

Knee-length dresses still have plenty of relevance in the shorter months. Throw on a pair of leggings underneath your summery dresses for extended wear into fall. Choose chunky heels or a flat boot for more of a casual vibe for your favorite dress. Choose a shoe that lets you move naturally. This brings your sundress to life and gives your style a sense of whimsy and wonder that’s inviting and playful. Overall, booties pair well with tea-length dresses to create a fun and flirty look that’s suitable for fall.

4. Tunic Dresses

Modern mavens should style their tunic dresses with booties and leggings for a creative look that’s office-ready. Use solid colors with a distinct color palette, such as natural greens, blues, and browns to create a soft yet modern look that commands a room. Tunic dresses can easily be dressed up or down with booties. Go for the shoe that fits when it comes to styling booties with a tunic. You can get away with virtually any kind of bootie here. Accessorize with drop necklaces and scarves for a cozy yet sophisticated feel.

5. Ankle-Length Midis

Calf or ankle dresses are another solid choice for booties. Not quite a maxi, but not a summer dress either, these long dresses are perfect for wearing with boots. You can choose any style, but try to select a boot that fits the style of dress. Modern bolds should go with a flashy shoe that’s sleek, while more relaxed patterns like florals pair nicely with a wedge heel or a boot with a slight lift. Neutrals always work nicely with longer dresses. Instead of being the statement piece, they allow the dress to shine, creating an overall look that’s suitable for any occasion.

Dresses and booties are like peanut butter and jelly. These two combine to complement each other perfectly, creating an outfit you’ll want to wear again and again. There aren’t many hard and fast rules when it comes to styling booties with dresses. The easiest way to create looks you love is to choose dresses and booties that feel comfortable and show off your unique self. As always, if the outfit puts a smile on your face, then it’s a true winner.


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