Ideas to Spruce Up Your Basic White T Shirt Outfit

Ideas to Spruce Up Your Basic White T-Shirt Outfit

There are a ton of fun and flirty ways to style your basic white tee. You can dress your tee up or down with a few fashion-forward styling tips to take your basics to the next level. Here’s how to style seven unique white t-shirt outfits to create a unique look that screams you.

Keep It Classic

The ultra-classic pairing of women’s jeans and a basic white tee never goes out of style. Why? Because this look works for any number of activities, from dropping the kids off at school to running to the grocery store, from taking a walk in the woods to taking it easy on the back porch. Spruce up this staple look with high-rise jeans and a neatly tucked-in shirt. For a splash of color, wear a bold-colored belt as an accent. Aim to create a look that’s crisp and fresh without looking like you just got out of bed. The result is a relaxed yet flirty appearance that’s perfect for any casual occasion.

Pair With Patterns

Patterned pants are all the rage right now, from leggings to patterned jeans. Highlight those gams by keeping your top basic with a simple white tee. The tee balances the action of the pant, equalizing the overall look.

This combo works particularly well if your patterned pants are darker, creating a little bit of contrast throughout the outfit. You can also opt to match by wearing patterned pants that feature white highlights. Cream or off-white T-shirts also pair well with ornamental pants.

Grab a Jacket

Forget casual Fridays and glam up your basic tee with a fitted jacket. Transitional jackets or even a structured sports coat spruce up any old basic tee. This look has a casual element, but when tucked in and styled with the right trousers and footwear, it can actually pass for business casual. This look is suitable for an office environment as long as you keep it smart. Use jewelry to accent the tee without going too casual.

Highlight Your Favorite Accessory

When it comes to styling basic short-sleeve women’s shirts, it’s all about accessorizing. Go from drab to fab by simply using a bold and stylish accessory. Scarves and long necklaces work well to spruce up a basic T-shirt. Stacked or multiple bracelets are another quick and easy way to give a little bit of fashion to an otherwise bland T-shirt.

Fancy Footwork

When it comes to styling a T-shirt, it’s important not to forget your footwear. Treat your feet in order to create a complete look. For example, a basic white tee paired with women’s black jeans and a pair of commando boots makes an urban statement, while coupling the same outfit with a pair of cute flats creates a softer, more done-up feel. Avoid wearing basic tennis shoes with jeans and a T-shirt as this doesn’t add any intrigue. Use footwear to mix and match with your favorite staples to quickly create a variety of different looks using the same basics.

Build a Foundation

One of the easiest ways to utilize a basic white tee in your everyday outfits is to create intriguing layers. Use flannel or denim button-down shirts with an oversized basic tee and your favorite pair of leggings. Wear your button-down shirt opened or unbuttoned at the top, whichever suits your mood. This casual, cozy look is perfect for any occasion and highlights other elements of your outfit. You can also use basic tees as base layers underneath a snuggly plus-size sweater for added warmth. Wearing a T-shirt doesn’t mean it needs to be the center of attention. Instead, use it as a base layer with a few of your favorite shirts.

Oversized and Styled

Baggy tees are definitely on trend this season. Fitting virtually any body type, we love the look of a slouchy tee with your favorite pair of pants. Roll up the sleeves and tie off the bulk on the bottom for an easy-going vibe. Use a hair tie to tie off your baggy T-shirt, or tuck it into your pants for a casual, cozy look. Don’t forget to accessorize, throw on a light jacket, and wear your favorite pair of shoes for the complete look.

Styling a basic tee doesn’t need to be complicated. You can choose to highlight the crisp, white color or utilize your basic tee to enhance other elements of your outfit. Either way, there are countless ways to create a fashion-forward look with a basic white tee.


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