Style Tips for Rainy Summer Days

Style Tips for Rainy Summer Days

We’ve all experienced those unexpectedly rainy summer days — when you had your whole outfit planned, but the weather throws you a total curveball and sends you running to find a women's rain jacket that won’t weigh you down on a hot, sticky afternoon. It’s a challenge to adapt our summer outfits to rainy weather since we need to keep our bodies covered and dry when the weather is hot and often humid. And we can sometimes find our whole mood suffering as we sweat it out underneath sticky, non-breathable waterproof fabric and hot waterproof rain boots. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a way to dress for the rain in the summer and still look and feel your best — it’s just about getting creative. Here are some of our best style tips for those rainy summer days.

Keep It Light

The importance of a good rain jacket cannot be overstated. And we don’t just mean good quality, although that’s of the utmost importance, too. We mean a rain jacket that you feel good in, both because it fits you well and you like the way you look in it. And on top of that, it should be the proper weight for the season. In the colder months, many warm coats are already waterproof and have hoods, serving as all-in-one protection for the wind, rain, and snow. But in the summer, it’s important to find a lightweight, comfortable rain jacket that will keep the rain out while keeping you feeling good. We all hate that feeling of a nylon raincoat sticking to our skin when it’s warm out, so finding a light raincoat with a mesh lining helps put a more comfortable layer between you and the waterproof fabric. A packable raincoat will often be a good choice since it’s built to be lightweight and portable.

Keep It Bright

Who says raincoats have to either be a neutral color or bright yellow? Having some fun with your outer rain layer in the summer can make it feel way more seasonal, and choosing a bright color or pattern can brighten up a rainy day in seconds. Opting for a lighter color, like a cool mint green or a fun purple, can not only improve the vibe but can deflect the sun’s rays during a sun shower, too.

The Wonders of a Scarf

Keeping a women's scarf on hand is always a good idea in the summer — it can easily transform into a shawl if it becomes a little breezy, a head covering if the wind is nipping at your ears, a picnic blanket for that impromptu park trip, and the perfect layer to cover your neck on a rainy day. A scarf is an automatic fashion statement, adding a little personality to your ensemble. This is especially helpful if you feel like your raincoat is taking over your summer outfit.

Heads Up

If the rain isn’t too heavy, sometimes all you need during a summer shower is a rain hat to keep your head and hair dry while the rest of you stays cool with minimal layers. We’re particularly fond of the bucket hat, either in a cotton fabric or waterproof variety, depending on how much it’s raining. A rain hat serves the dual purpose of keeping you feeling secure during a rain shower, protected from the sun when it’s no longer coming down, making it an ideal addition to your summer wardrobe.

Keep It Cropped

Our style tip for what bottoms to wear when it’s raining in the summer? Keep it short. Perhaps for you, that means wearing a pair of shorts, but if you’re more of a pants person, go for something cropped because no one likes their pant hems to be sopping wet during a rainstorm. A pair of women's capris or cropped pants are perfect for rainy summer days, keeping your legs covered but still letting in air for a more breathable look while being short enough for you not to have to worry about anything dragging on the wet ground.

Ankle Boots

The thought of wearing knee or calf-length rubber boots in the middle of summer is enough to keep us inside whenever it rains. The trick to keeping your feet dry without overheating? Waterproof rain boots. It’s easier than ever to find a chic pair of rubber rain boots that rival your favorite leather Chelsea boot in style and keep your feet protected during even the worst storms. Splash in puddles all you want! These shorties will keep you safe. The trick to staying dry in the summer without feeling uncomfortable is to think a little creatively and invest in some supremely useful wardrobe items that will turn any rainy day around. Check out more tips and tricks from Lands’ End below!


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