Stocking Stuffers for the Hard-to-Buy-For on Your List

Stocking Stuffers for the Hard-to-Buy-For on Your List

We all have them. People who seemingly have everything always end up the last on your list because you put it off for as long as possible. You know those friends or family members who you desperately want to please? We know and love them: the hard-to-shop-for people who you can’t quite crack. Maybe they'd love a box of chocolate, or a pretty flower ornament. Perhaps something personalized? It can be challenging — but it can also be totally effortless if you narrow it down to a select few items.

The key to choosing the right stocking stuffers for these folks is to create a list. Once you have a few ideas in mind, you’ll feel a lot more confident about your choices. Everything from Christmas decorations to cozy apparel has the potential to bring a smile to their face this holiday season. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Face Masks

File this under “you can never have too many.” It’s certainly a sign of the times — and something your recipient is sure to appreciate whenever they’re in a public place. A set of women’s face masks is the perfect addition to any stocking this season. Masks vary in style, making it easy to select the right variety for your recipient.

If she’s a total fashion maven, for example, snap up a set of masks available in different patterns and colors. She’ll appreciate the opportunity to match a different mask to a different outfit throughout the week, and it will make mask-wearing more of a stylish pursuit. If she prefers something neutral, opt for a solid color that pairs well with almost anything, such as black, blue, or gray.


Talk about cozy. A great pair of slippers is always a welcome addition to her stocking. Available in many different styles, you can choose from traditional to classic moccasins to fuzzy slipper socks. This is the perfect gift idea for the homebody who loves curling up at home, relaxing with a cup of something hot, and unwinding on weekends.

If you’re especially close to the person, you may even want to personalize the slippers with their initials. This is a thoughtful and effortless way to go that extra mile and show them how much they mean to you. And because it’s for the person who’s particularly tough to shop for, you can be fairly certain they won’t already own a pair of slippers etched with their initials. Look for details like plush lining and soft fabrics that set them apart from everyday slippers.

Hand Towels

With increased hand-washing comes an even greater need for more hand towels. This is a lovely gift idea for the person who loves all things pretty and elegant, largely because it’s so easy to find styles that are a bit decorative and that adds a certain touch of warmth and softness to the home.

Look for styles that specifically resonate with the beauty and spirit of the season. Bright shades like red and green serve as the perfect backdrops for Christmas trees, snowflakes, and other festive patterns. You can even snap up a matching washcloth and bath sheet if you want to complete the set. It’s also a thoughtful touch to personalize the towels with their initials. They look beautiful on display and are sure to be favorites every holiday season for years to come.

Personalized Ornament

Giving a truly customized gift shows just how much thought you put into it. It’s not just something you picked up from the shelf, but an item that you genuinely think the person will love — so much so that you were willing to put their name on it! A personalized Christmas ornament has the potential to serve as a lifelong treasure. It’s something that your recipient will cherish season after season for years to come.

It also serves as a lasting reminder of your bond with the person. If you two are especially close, or if they simply love the holiday season, there’s almost nothing more appropriate than giving the gift of something truly festive. It’s sure to make them smile, and you’ll receive the gift of knowing they were overjoyed to receive it!

Sweet Treats

A stocking also happens to be the perfect place to stash a sweet treat. Whether you snag something delicious from the Christmas kitchen and dining shelf — who can resist ultra-sweet caramels and chocolate bark? — or whip up a batch of your world-famous chocolate chip cookies, you can be sure that you’ll make their holiday that much brighter.

Don’t stop there, though. Why not toss in a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or bakery? You can trust that they’ll appreciate them and actually use them. Throw in a coffee mug to complete this sweet gesture. Sure, it’s not out-of-the-box unique, but it’s something they can use right away and that they’re certain to enjoy. What more could you want?

When it comes to shopping for those tricky folks on your list, it’s worth putting some time and effort into the task. It’s often just a matter of narrowing it down to items you know they might like and putting a slightly different spin on it. Whether that means whipping up something homemade or personalizing the item, there are countless ways to please those people in your life.


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